Backyard Playtime

My pretty girl was super cute in her flowery purple shirt this morning, with the crisp spring air, ready for another day/week at school!

My little girl looks like such a scientist, checking out their classroom experiments. I love it!

And I’m 33 weeks pregnant today! Addison’s skin is starting to smooth out and get less wrinkly, and she is firmly pressing on my bladder almost always now 😉 I’m also now at that point where sleeping is super uncomfortable and I wake up at least 2 or 3 times every night just to roll over to another uncomfortable position or head to the bathroom. But she’ll be here in four weeks, and I know I can make it!!

Emmie picked a couple books from school again today, and was “reading” them both on the way home. I wanted to take her photo, and then she was like, “No Mommy, take a selfie of you too!”

I put a roast in the crock pot this morning with some onions and carrots, then made up some mashed potatoes and garlic bread to go with it. Emmie went to town on some chocolate milk, and all of us cleaned our plates!

She found her old unicorn costume in her closet and asked both of her brothers to “fly her around” for a while. Nana stopped by to bring us a few things we forgot at her house yesterday, and then all of us went out to the backyard to play around for a while. The weather was so nice (just a bit too chilly for me just sitting there), and Emmie was laughing non-stop and it was so sweet and fun!

At bedtime, she told me it was “still okay” to read her new Easter book from Grammy again tonight, with her new baby chick from Papa of course, that she so cleverly named “Chicky.”

Then we said our bedtime prayers, and she also prayed for her friend from school, who’s having a procedure done tomorrow, and Emmie was worried about her. We sent the video to her friends’ Mommy to show to Maddie, and Emmie was just so sweet about it. I love how tender-hearted this precious, sensitive little girl is!

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