Easter Sunday 2021

As I’m sure you can imagine, today was a big, busy, fun day with both side of our family. Full of good food and egg hunts, and even a surprise visitor. So of course there are tons of photos today, and I’m exhausted, so please enjoy almost 60 photos of cute girls and family and yummy food, and very little writing from this tired pregnant lady 🙂

Placing flowers on the cross at church that her and Grandmommie picked from our yard yesterday.

Snuggling with Daddy watching Madeline while Nana and I finished getting lunch ready.


My eyes were bigger than my stomach and I only ate half of this, but that baked chicken was delish, and I’ll be having leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Emmie and I napped together for about 30-45 minutes in the “big people bed” at Nana’s house, and then after we woke up Jeff (he fell asleep in the recliner with the heating pad), we drove out to Grammy & Papa’s house.


Watching all the men “hide” the eggs in the front yard…

And look at our special surprise visitor! (It’s Bo in there, by the way.) Emerson was immediately excited, in love and obsessed with him. But the triplets took a little longer to warm up to him. Eventually though, they all got a little closer, and had so much fun hopping and running around the yard with him.

Emerson ate two deviled eggs right off the bat for dinner… had a few bites of her corn and ham and maybe bread, and then ate two more deviled eggs. Do you know any other toddler who loves egg salad and/or deviled eggs like this crazy girl!?

In order below, Kensley, Riley, Ellie, Emerson. (We bribed them all with jelly beans, and it worked out pretty well 😉 )

For Easter last year, the whole world was at home in lockdown, and Easter was very weird. It was SO GOOD to be back to almost normal, with a nearly full church, and I even sang with the choir this morning as well. And of course we loved seeing both sides of our family.

But the best news of all… The tomb is empty. He is Risen. He is risen, indeed!

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