Naming Baby Sister

Emmie was up before the crack of dawn as usual, and Jeff got picked up by Nana early to go pick up the boys today. So Emmie and I were cuddling on the couch as the sun finally came up. She played some games on her Kindle, and kept her hand on Pretzel over there pretty much the whole time. And then we had our typical egg sammies for breakfast.

While she played doctor and all sorts of stuff, I took some time to wash a huge amount of dirty dishes and get the kitchen all cleaned up. I told her she could pick out her own outfit today, so she ran to her room and had fun finding her clothes for the day. Including a cat-ear headband 🙂

Grammy and Grandmommie came over for a few hours again today to help out with some chores around the house. Last night when I told her they were coming, she was like, “Grammy will help you and Grandmommie will play with me, because she’s not so good at cleaning?” I said, “sure yeah, something like that.” And so yes, Grandmommie mostly played with Emmie, and Grammy helped me. 🙂 We took care of moving some stuff around from the boys’ old room up to the front room, and reorganizing some other things, and then we unpacked all of Emmie’s tiny clothes to get ready for Baby Sister!

Grammy got Chick-fil-A for all of us, and although Emmie was “too full” to finish all of her nuggets, she did steal Grandmommie’s sandwich. She picked it up to try a bite and was like, “I think I might eat the rest of this.” Grandmommie said that was fine if she wanted to, and Emmie was like, “Because you’re full now.” So Emerson just declared that Grandmommie was too full, whether she actually was or not.

She had to give them both about 10 hugs before they could leave, and then still crawled up inside the Jeep again for more hugs.

Emmie only napped for a little over an hour, but I laid down and rested then too. I couldn’t really sleep, but it was good to just sit and do nothing, even if I couldn’t sleep. After she woke up, we dropped off another load of stuff to donate at the thrift shop, and then ran to Walmart for some errands. We weren’t looking for this pool, but we saw it and grabbed it, before they ran out! We never got one last year, and we desperately wanted one (especially during lockdown when there was nowhere to go and nothing to do), so we’re glad to have one this year. Plus a new nightgown for me a new romper for Baby Sis.

Emmie also picked out this 98 cent flower that she wanted to put in Baby Sister’s bedroom, but decided she wanted to put it on her own nightstand instead, at least until baby comes.

And speaking of Baby Sister, we have officially decided on her name! It seemed even harder this second time around, to find names we both loved and agreed on, and then even once we found and paired and suggested “Addison” & “Laurel,” I still had to sit on it for at least a month or so before I could finally pull the trigger and just go for it! So last night, Jeff and I finally agreed that Baby sister will officially be Addison Laurel!!! She’ll be here in about a month, and I can hardly believe it!!

We played in the carport for just a little while, then she had an early bath before dinner time.

We shared a cauliflower pizza for dinner, and then Jeff and the boys got home. They basically just dropped their stuff real quick and then headed back out again for dinner, so I gave Emmie a little pedicure before Easter tomorrow.

We read a few Easter books together for bedtime (some about Jesus, and some about bunnies), and she was very worried about the boo-boo’s on Jesus’ wrists, and that they killed him on the cross, and didn’t want that to happen to her. It was precious and sweet and pitiful, but I reassured her that would never happen to her, because Jesus did it in our place!

She was good and sweet at bedtime, and she didn’t really give us any problems. Also, I reminded her that if she didn’t go to sleep quick and be good, the Easter bunny might not come by tonight… 🙂 So I’m going to repaint my nails real quick, and then put together some Easter baskets for Emmie and the boys.

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