Pastels & Trampolines

All these adorable baby girls were so happy and excited for their egg hunts and Easter parties at school today! And how cute were they, with their outfits all coordinated and precious, which Megan and I didn’t even plan! (Well, today was “pastel colors” day at school for the egg hunts, but the rest of the dress/jean jacket/tennis shoes outfit wasn’t planned. 🙂 )

So the other day, my parents bought me the case of caramel protein shakes. Then yesterday, my MIL (with help from niece Libby), got me a case of this café latte flavor. This flavor actually have the same amount of caffeine as one cup of coffee, so I’ll start having these at breakfast. And it was delish with my current fave quick breakfast of low-carb yogurt with a tiny pack of nuts & berries mixed in.

Emmie brought home a bag full of all the eggs and goodies that she got from the egg hunt today, and it looks like they had so much fun!

And then Nana, Libby and Andersen picked up Emerson from school again today for another fun adventure. Nana surprised them by taking them to Urban Air, where they jumped and slid and did the obstacle course and just went crazy for two hours! (And they took a new friend from nana’s church along with them to play.)

I stopped by Nana’s house for a few minutes after lunch, where the girls were all playing together, and then we all headed to Pepper’s, where Jeff met us there for dinner.

My favorite thing to order is always al pastor tacos, but Pepper’s now has the al pastor fajitas on their menu, so I just got a giant skillet of the meat & veggies, without all the taco shells. I did of course still eat some chips, because you know, I’m not a monster. Who can sit at a Mexican restaurant and not eat chips & salsa?! But this was delicious!

Emmie had to go through her bag and show us all of the eggs and treats and candies she got from her egg hunt today, and we let her have one piece of candy for dessert before bedtime.

Growing up, my Mama always said the same prayer to Megan and I every night. Now, I say it to Emerson every night. And at 3 years old, she’s already learned it and can say it with me every night. For the last few nights, she’s wanted to say it by herself, and it’s so very precious.


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