Mom’s Sick Day

So yesterday, I wasn’t feeling so great. But then today, I woke up and felt like I’d been hit by a ton of bricks. My sinuses are completely messed up and I’ve had the worst sinus pressure headache literally all day. It was supposed to be my turn on praise team at church, but not only could I not sing, I couldn’t even get myself out of bed and dressed for church. So Jeff too Emmie to church, and I stayed home trying to hydrate and rest. I put on a movie in the background hoping it would put me to sleep on the couch, but my head hurt too bad to even sleep.

Emerson wanted another hot dog for lunch after church, so Jeff took her for lunch, and brought me home those rotisserie nuggets for my lunch.

Emerson and I were both able to nap for about two hours this afternoon, and although she woke up chipper and rarin’ to go, I was still very much under the weather. So Jeff sat in the carport while she played and did all sorts of fun stuff, and I kept myself indoors.

When she was ready to come inside, I sat in the glider in her room while she played school and teacher and we colored a little bit together. Jeff ran out to pick up our weekly grocery order, and although I ordered lots of good things to make for dinners this week, I was in no shape to cook, so I also sent him back out to pick up Taco Bell instead.

After we ate dinner, he went back to do some touch-up painting in Addison’s room, to finish up the job him and Nita worked on yesterday. He called me back to check on things, and of course the tiniest assistant had to get in on the action and help out a little bit too. He finished all the touch-ups, and removed all the painters tape, and it looks so good! There are just a few places around the edges that need another touch-up now that the tape is down, so he’ll do that tomorrow night, and then we’ll get to start putting things together in there, and I’m so excited!

My throat was in no shape for the book she picked tonight, so I did all the reading, and told her she had to handle all the roaring, and she loved doing that with me.

We then had a really rough bedtime, because she wasn’t tired and didn’t want to rest and didn’t want to sleep, and even though she told me before all that that she was going to try her hardest to be on her best behavior since Mommy didn’t feel good, it didn’t quite go that way. He and I both cried by the end of it, but we got through it, and she fell asleep quickly once she finally calmed down.

I’m watching and episode of “This Is Us” while I blog, then I’m gonna grab my shake and take my blood sugar, and put myself to bed early. I slept terribly last night (waking up literally every hour for some reason or another), so I’m really hoping I sleep better tonight.

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