We started off a busy day with some McDonald’s for breakfast (I found I can order just the sausage, egg & cheese sans biscuit, and eat just that and the hash brown, and my blood sugar is still good), and this girl absolutely destroyed her McGriddle.

After breakfast, we potted this little cutting that I snipped off one of my other plants a few weeks ago, and has been rooting in this little jar. And we also re-filled our bird feeders, that we had neglected for far too long…

And then Grammy and Grandmommie graciously came back over to spend a few hours helping around the house. While Grandmommie and Emerson played, Grammy and I worked on organizing the nursery. I’d been itching for a few days to get these things set up back there, but I’m very glad I waited until my Mama was there to help me, because she’s just as organized as I am, and helped me get everything exactly as it needed to be, and exactly as I would have wanted it myself.

Someone thought she needed to get in and test out the “new bed” for baby sister…

Look at all these diapers and wipes! Most of these came from the baby shower at work the other day, and I’m so glad we have such a great stash to get us started.

Grandmommie even helped straighten up Emerson’s room, while she played on her Kindle for a while.

Grammy ran out to pick up Chick-fil-A for all of us for lunch, then we got Emmie down for her nap. They stayed a little while longer to help me with some more chores and putting away a bunch of my clothes and making a donate box of old clothes, and then we sat down to chat for a bit together.

This girl woke up super sweet with the craziest, curliest bedhead, and grabbed herself a cookie that Grandmommie had brought over, for her afternoon snack.

We sat around the house for just a little bit, waiting to see if the weather would get too bad (we were technically in a tornado watch, or warning, I forget which and I honestly don’t know the difference…), but it barely ever even rained at our house and on our side of town today. So we went out to run some errands, and search around for some house/nursery stuff that we needed. We went to two thrift stores, Bealls Outlet, Ross and Walmart, and I was dead tired after all of that. But we did get some of the stuff we needed!

We had a quick dinner at Moe’s, and then went to one last place, store number six, for a quick look around Five Below. They used to have a ton of storage baskets (which I was looking for), but they had almost zero options tonight. Emmie did pick out a purple unicorn she wanted to buy for Addison, and we got her a tiny Poppy figure from Trolls, and then we headed home, the most exhausted parents ever…


I gave her a super quick bath once we got home, and then we snuggled together in her room to watch a few bedtime videos, before doing her story and lullaby and prayers. She was super sweet and lovey and gave me all the kisses, and then we had a decent bedtime tonight, thank the Lord!

After alllll the things we did today, it feels great to have accomplished so much, and found some of the things we needed. But goodness gracious, this almost-nine-months-pregnant lady is DONE for the day, that’s for sure. Night, friends!

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