Ultrasound with Hubby!

This little goober was super good at drop-off, and she immediately started grabbing books and playing with her little friends in her classroom.


I had my usual, weekly appointment with my high-risk doctor today, but the exciting news is that Jeff finally got to come with me for the first time! They just changed their policies late last week, so this was his first visit with me this entire pregnancy. They did all the measurements and such today, and let us see her little face in 3D, and she was just as wiggly as ever. And it was so great to have him there with me!

It’s kind of hard to tell, and she wouldn’t put her hand down from her face, but you can still get glimpses of her little nose and lips and a squished up eye.

Emmie had a good day at school, and actually napped really well today, too.

She picked out a book from the library in the lobby, and then we headed on home.

When we got home, I put together dinner and got it baking in the oven, and then went to my room to just lay in bed and read quietly for 20 minutes, because I was feeling super exhausted. Jeff took Emerson out to play in the carport for a while, and then they washed some dishes together.






For dinner, I made a crustless bacon and spinach quiche, with sautéed onions and red bell pepper, plus plenty of cheese (plus crescent rolls on the side, and I splurged on one since it was only 12g carbs, and the quiche was practically carb-free). Basically, it was my usual frittata recipe, but I baked the whole thing in the pie pan, instead of starting it on the stove in the cast iron skillet. It was just as easy, but the pie pan was way cleaner than the cast iron, because stuff always sticks to that like crazy. But this turned out really good!

In addition to all the great things we got at my baby shower over the weekend, we’ve also gotten a few packages delivered right to our door over the last few days/weeks. We got some wipes and paci’s and an Amazon gift card last week, and all this stuff in the past two days. (By the way, if you were the sweet person that sent us the Boppy, please identify yourself, because there wasn’t a gift tag or card in the box, and we’d like to know who this gift was from!?)

Emerson had a second crescent roll for her bedtime snack, while we read the seahorse book she picked out from school.


Bedtime was really rough again tonight, and she ended up scratching her eye or something and things just escalated like crazy after that. Jeff is always so very good and patient with her during these bedtime crazies, which is a good thing, because like I’ve mentioned before, that’s like the one parenting situation I just completely lose all patience. But he did good and got her calmed back down, and got her ready for sleep.

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