Dandelion Wishes

Emerson got really excited when she saw this dandelion when we got out of the car this morning. She couldn’t quite get it to blow away like she wanted, but she looked both hilarious & adorable trying to do it!

And here’s that precious sweet smile!


I had some bloodwork to get done today after dropping her off, and even without an appointment time scheduled, I got lucky and it didn’t take too long, and I still made it to work at 8:45am. And dang it if I didn’t wanna swing through Chick-fil-A for a chicken, egg & cheese bagel or some chicken minis, but I was strong and I headed to work, and ate my low-sugar Greek yogurt and drank my caffeine protein shake.

I’m 34 weeks pregnant today, and Baby Addison is the size of a cantaloupe! The app said fatigue is starting to settle in again and baby is seriously pushing on my bladder pretty much all the time. I’m also now at the point where doing simple chores like cooking dinner and washing dishes makes my physically out of breath, so that’s been not-so-fun. But as of today, only 3 weeks 2 days left to go (since my C-section is scheduled for 37 weeks)!

She didn’t nap very long at school today, but she did have a good day, and was in a great, happy mood when I got there to pick her up.

The plan for dinner tonight was Asian chicken lettuce wraps. I told Emmie on the way home I was making “Chinese food” (easier to explain that), and she was like, “The chicken with the sauce? You have the Chinese sauce? But how can you have that?” I told her I just have all the ingredients I need to make the Chinese chicken, and I bought it at the store! (Writing this now, I realize she probably wanted the red sweet & sour sauce that comes with the sweet & sour chicken, but I didn’t think of that at the time 😉 )

My lettuce however was not good, so we skipped that and just did the Asian chicken over rice, with a side chopped Asian salad. But I actually really missed the lettuce! This is the third time I’ve made this meal, and I can almost do it without the recipe. Glad to have found this, to add to our permanent meal rotation!


It actually ended up being a little spicier than usual tonight on accident, so Emmie didn’t eat the chicken, but just the rice. She wanted “bassert” afterwards, so she ate half of a leftover donut from church yesterday, and we snuggled watching “Cars.” While we were on the couch together, I had a small thought that our time with her here as our only little one was drawing to a close… It was a fleeting thought, but it stuck in my head…

So after eating her string cheese and reading a Precious Moments bedtime story, I was holding her and singing our usual lullaby, followed by our nightly “Jesus Loves Me.” That thought from the couch crept back in and I got very emotional thinking that this special time with just my Emmie was coming to a close. I feel like that last half of this pregnancy just started flying by, and it’s almost over, and I feel like I just need more time with my first girl.

I don’t want anything to happen to our sweet special bond, and I worry that she will feel left out or ignored if we have to give too much attention to the baby. I’m sure these are normal thoughts for most women about to have their second child, but it just made me so emotional tonight, I started crying while singing “Jesus Loves Me,” and then kept crying while trying to explain my feelings to Jeff.

Logically, I know her and I will always have a special bond, I know that – but my hormonal, Mama-heart just still worries about such things! I’m still super excited for Addison to be here, and I know Emerson is going to be the best big sister, and I know I’ll love them both equally but differently. But I’m going to make sure to get as much love as I can from my first-born these next three weeks, before our hearts and our family grows with the birth of Baby Sister!

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