Chili Dinner, Chilly Weather

Today was supposed to be “wear green” for school today, this little teal-ish romper was as close as we got though. I didn’t know exactly why we were supposed to be wearing green, but Emerson told me this morning it was for Earth Day! Also, she picked out her own socks & shoes today, and we obviously had to have this little denim jacket because it was so chilly this morning.

Emmie almost started getting clingy and upset at drop-off today, but her sweet little friend Olivia was waiting right inside the door for us, and moved over to sit on this little two-person chair, so they could read this book together. Emmie was very glad to see her, and went and sat right down, and she was perfectly fine then!

She told me about her art project today when I picked her up – she said they collaged green leaves on a green paper and then dabbed white paint on it with a sponge – and looks like that’s exactly what they did!

On the way home from school, Emerson asked if I was cooking dinner. I told her yes, and she was like, “But I don’t want you to cook, I want you to rest and we get take-out so you don’t get super super super tired from Baby Sister.” I said, “Oh baby, that’s really sweet of you, but I’m gonna cook, and I’ll be ok!”

So for dinner, I made a new recipe for (beanless) turkey and sweet potato chili. It’s basically just “regular” chili, but you sub one diced sweet potatoes instead of using beans, which makes it lower carb. I got the recipe from Skinny Taste, and it turned out really good! It’s only 14g carbs for one cup, and I ate 1.5 cups, and was perfectly full. I brought the cheese & sour cream to the table, but I didn’t end up putting either in my bowl. Jeff and Emmie both used it though, and Emmie’s bowl was probably mostly toppings 😉

We had just enough leftover for me to portion out my 1.5 cups for lunch again tomorrow, and I made a tiny taste-test bowl to take to my friend Tammy at work, who I was talking to about healthy food & recipes and such this week.

And then we did some work in Addison’s room! Jeff and Emmie brought in the baby crib from the shed (when I walked out to watch and check on them, I realized how much the temperature had actually changed and dropped, and how chilly the weather was!), and Emmie and I swept the floors and then wiped down the crib with Lysol wipes. And of course Emerson even helped Daddy put the crib back together!

We got the crib put together, and then unboxed the new mattress, which was basically flat-packed and has to expand and rest for three days to come to it’s “full potential,” or something like that. And then I was itching to start moving other stuff in the room! We did carry the changing table back there, but that’s all we ended up doing tonight, since it was Emerson’s bedtime by that point. Plus, Mom & Grandmommie are coming over again Saturday, and I we’ll get lots done then, while Jeff plans to mow the yard.

Snack baby needed two bedtime snacks while we ready her bedtime story, but then she was super sweet and cuddly while we did prayers and a lullaby and “Jesus Loves Me.” 

She was much better at bedtime tonight, and I was SO thankful for that. We had a nice little chat about her day and just took turns telling each other random things, and we talked about how she was going to be a good girl tonight. I was surprisingly not exhausted yet and still feeling energized, and was able to wash up some dishes after getting her to sleep. I think my allergies/cold/whatever are finally starting to clear up some tonight, so I think that’s why I was feeling a little better tonight. 

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