Hunting Acorns

Happy little girl, excited to see her friends & teachers at school this morning, just like usual!

At lunch today, our usual group of coworker friends went out for Toni’s birthday. She chose Midtown Caboose, and we all had amazing sandwiches. Tammy & I both ordered the Monte cristo, and while it was delicious, it was also so rich & slightly ridiculous. We each only ate half, and should have split just one sandwich.

After work, I picked up Emerson, and while we waiting on daddy to meet us there, we went acorn hunting in the grass next to the parking lot. She had so much fun, and loved finding them & everywhere.

We ran some errands & went to Target to see if they had any teeny tiny Harry Potter costumes. But no luck. But Emmie saw this talking, moving FurReal parrot, and loved it. But it was $80! So we put that bad boy right back on the shelf.

Little Miss was getting hungry, so we got her an applesauce pouch and a bag of veggie straws in the Target checkout line, and she went to town on her snacks. She was very happy, & we were glad we got her food.

Then we ran our friends house (Hi, Lisel!), to pick up a few Harry Potter props for our trunk. We went back to get Jeff’s car from daycare, then he picked up a pizza for dinner on the way home. We ate together, then out Emmie to bed after a bottle of milk.

And then I made another errand run to the Spirit costume shop (inside the old Toys R Us), because I had been told they had baby HP costumes, but none were tiny enough for my itty bitty girl.

I got back home around 9:30 and started blogging. Once I finish, I’m going to work on a little small craft for our trunk, and hopefully finish it up in about an hour. Tomorrow will be a busy day, and we’ve got lots to do, so I need to rest up!

Oh and since we couldn’t find Emerson a Harry Potter-themed costume for our trunk or treat, I think we’re going to attempt to DIY something for her tomorrow. Wish us luck!

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