My 1-Year-Old Scared Me

Emerson was back to business as usual, making some important phone calls this morning. She even picked up two at once, and out them both up to her ears, but I missed getting the photo of that.

At work, our coworker surprised us with some of her leftover java cake from her birthday over the weekend. Her best friends hubby makes it, and it’s delicious – chocolate, coffee, chocolate chips & coffee icing. Yum!

We had an entire loaf of bread leftover from the hurricane still in the fridge, so I wanted to use that up while it was still good. But since it’s cold & hard, you can’t just make normal sandwich with it, so we had grilled cheese for dinner tonight. With apple juice. Because sometimes you just gotta eat like your 5 years old apparently!

But this girl was being so funny! She was very dramatically eating her corn, one tiny piece at a time, and then she slowly laid her head down on her tray, and snuck a glance over at Jeff to make sure he was watching her. Then she smiled up at him so big, all while leaving over still. Then she kept doing it, because she realized we though she was funny.

We tried on a pair of shoes to ight fter dinner, that were a baby shower gift. Unfortunately, we waited too long & now they’re too small. So I’m going to store them away, and hope someday either I have another girl, or that at least one of Megan’s triplets will be a girl.

Then she found this little snug-a-monkey that we were going to give away, and she fell in love with it (as she does with all animals), and so daddy decided to go ahead and open it up for her. And then of course she just went crazy for it!

About 10 minutes after this, she got up and walked away from us. I tried to call her back, but she kept on flying. I heard her little bare feet stomping through the kitchen, so I got up to chase her. I thought she had gone down the hallway towards her bedroom, so I was looking that direction, but then she squealed & giggled & charged me from the kitchen, and it caught me so off guard so I screamed & jumped out of my skin! Then I started laughing, because my 1-year-old just successfully scared me, and she thought that was hilarious, so she was laughing & Jeff was laughing, and really was funny.

Love these little moments with my little family, and love that I’m writing them down for the future.

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