They Shut Off Our Electricity

Tonight’s post will be short & sweet, because we currently have no electricity… Our bill was due on 10/5, but we were in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico on a cruise ship then, so we didn’t pay it. And then since we started dealing with hurricane chaos immediately after we got back home, we completely forgot about that kind of stuff. So apparently today we reached the end of our “grace period,” and when we got home at 6pm, we had no electricity. We received no phone calls, texts, or emails about it before it being shut off, so that’s super frustrating, especially since we’ve never ever missed one single payment in our five years of marriage. But we called earlier & paid the full amount over the phone, and everything is fine now, & they claim it should be on by 11pm tonight. And we’ll definitely remember this the next time we go on vacation – pay all bills upon your return!

Anyways, here are a few photos of my adorable girl at school drop-off this morning.

At lunch, I ran to the library to pick up a couple of books I had been on the waiting list for. “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” is not typically the kind of book I would read, but since Netflix made it into a movie, I want to read it first, then watch the movie.

And since we had no power to cook dinner, we ran out for some quick Mexican food. It’s hard to read the sign, but it says, “In queso emergency, call 9 Juan Juan.” Which is ironic in our situation tonight!

We gave Emmie a bath by lantern light (with the hot water still left in the tank), and got her to sleep pretty easily, all things considered.

And now as I was typing this, the power came back on right after 8pm! Very glad they were able to send someone back out here relatively quickly, without much disruption go our routine.

And since we have light & hot water now, I have to go get some cleaning done. Last week & weekend was so crazy busy & chaotic, and our house is a mess. When we got home last night, Jeff came in & said, “Wow, this place is in shambles!” Which is pretty accurate. So we’re going to spend a little time this evening getting things back in order, because we enjoy our home more when it’s cleaner.

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