Baby Ballerina

On my way to daycare this morning, I finished my audio book right as I pulled in to the parking lot. Don’t you love when that happens? Like with a song usually, but also with audio books.

And then this baby ballerina was ready to go for the day! We spent so much time over the weekend figuring out & then making her costume for trunk or treat, that I was not prepared for the actual day of Halloween. So last night, I rummaged through her drawers & closer, and came up with this little ballerina outfit with a pink onesie, black tutu, tights & her signature gold ballet flats. And I think she looked pretty dang cute! I even got her to wear a bow for a few minutes!

They had some family festivals at school today, but I didn’t take off work to go. But Aunt Meggie stepped in to be her “2nd mommy” (which is what we refer to her as), and Emerson was very happy about that! Megan sent me these next 5 photos from the party…

And these next 3 photos came from her teachers in our parent app…

After work (I get off at 4:30 on Wednesday’s), I started a new audio book. This one is #5 in the series, so I’m sure it’ll be good, since I’m very familiar with this series at this point.

And I had to take a few more photos of my baby ballerina (even though she’s a bit of a mess with turkey chili & orange paint on her onesie), since we had a few minutes to kill before daddy came to join us for dinner before church…

Then I went to choir for about an hour and a half, and we worked on a few pretty tough songs tonight, but I really enjoy doing that!

Since we had our huge fall festival at church a few days ago, tonight was just a “regular” night with all of our normal activities, so it hardly feels like Halloween night! I’m thinking I’ll go find a few pieces of leftover trunk or treat candy to munch on, and maybe that will help “set the mood ”

I can’t hardly believe that tomorrow is November!

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