Cowgirl In Training

This baby girl is just too cute for words pretty much 100% of the time. But out her in an outfit with boots & a bandana skirt, them let her ride a horsey at school, and who can handle her?!y parents got her this dress from their trip to Texas back in the summer, and the only thing we’re missing is some tiny brown boots for her feets!

Since I finished an audio book last night, is started on a new one this morning. This is book #4 of the series, and they’re actually getting better & better with each one. This one is a futuristic/sci-fi retelling of Rapunzel. The first book was Cinderella, and the second was Little Red Riding Hood. With all my driving today, and listening to it faster than usual at 1.5x the speed, I’m over 2 hours in already.

I had a regular day at work, and was very productive. I felt good about how much I actually accomplished today! Then I picked up Emmie from school (she had an outfit change after an incident with applesauce at snack time apparently), and we met the family at Zaxby’s for dinner before church.

When getting into the car after dinner, I spilled my entire sweet tea in my driver’s seat, and while I was trying to clean it up and papa was getting Emmie into her car seat, a bee kept flying in the car, and I kept having to try to get it out. It was ridiculous & comical, and my dad kept making fun of me with Emerson. But I knew we couldn’t just load up & start driving with a bee flying around inside the car!

I went to choir, Jeff taught his men’s Bible study, then he took Emmie home a little early while I went to Christmas choir. But Emerson was still awake when I got home at 8:15, and I was glad I got to smooch her sweet cheeks and put her to bed myself.

Today was good, busy, and productive, but I’m glad it’s time to wind down for the night. Bye for now, be back tomorrow!

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