Hurricane Michael

Well, the worst of it didn’t hit Tally, but we’ve had crazy wind & a bunch of rain today. Approximately 80,000 people in Leon County have no power, and that includes us, my whole family, and Jeff’s parents as well. We lost power around 3:15, so we had peanut butter sammie’s & white cheddar popcorn for dinner. Emmie is asleep now, but we had no way to heat her night time bottle, so she wasn’t thrilled with that. She usually drinks 5oz, but tonight she only had 1oz of cold milk.

Jeff and I are currently sitting around in the candlelight (I’m reading Erin & Ben Napier’s book, he’s watching a movie on his phone), waiting for an appropriate-ish bedtime. Praying everything stays calm here through the night, and that tomorrow is a much better day all around!

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