Shopping & Errands & Doggies, Oh My!

Look at this baby girl who’s just too cool, am I right?!

We started off the morning with bagels for breakfast at home, then the McDonald’s drive-thru for iced coffee, since we were out of creamer. (I can’t drink coffee without cream.) When we pulled up, the order on the screen from the car in front of us said 1 small coffee, add 10 cream & 4 sugars! Now, I like my creamer, maybe even more than “usual,” but my word that’s a LOT of cream for a tiny McD’s coffee! We had a good laugh over that, and Jeff specifically wanted me to remember those particulars to include them in the blog.

Then we took Pretzel to Petco to get his nails trimmed. We actually groomed him ourselves a couple weeks ago, but I’m traumatized from clipping doggy nails, after Jeff did it years ago & made Primrose bleed, with it dripping on me while I held her. So we leave it to the pros now. And Emmie and I looked at the fishies whole we waited, and then met a Golden Husky puppy! Emmie & the puppy loved each other very much.

We went back home and after a short playtime, Emerson was ready for her nap. Then Jeff stayed home while she slept, and I went grocery shopping at Walmart. And it. was. bananas. I got some new shoes for Emerson, and some new shirts for me, plus some of our essential groceries, like milk, eggs & creamer. But then it took me 15 minutes just to stand in line & finish checking out!

After I finally got checked out, I drove out to Midway to my sister’s house. They are trying to sell their house, and someone wanted to come look at it today. So I went to take care of the dogs, since Meg & Bo were serving with their church doing hurricane relief stuff in Blounstown. They have 3 dogs that needed to be brought inside & kenneled, while the house was shown, so I wrestled with them a bit – 2 are large labs, and one is a medium beagle. In fact, if anyone could have seen me dealing with the giant Chocolate lab named bear, it would have been comical. And then with grocery shopping & dog wrestling, it was 1pm and I was super hungry, so I grabbed a snack at their house, & texted this to my sister, thanking her for it.

At home finally, we put away all the groceries, and ate some turkey sandwiches for lunch. Then all 3 of us loaded up in the car to go back out to Midway, to let the doggies back out. Emmie was playing with her blanket, and just being so silly, then she wrapped herself up like this, and just sat so calm & quiet! It was so funny.

We did a little shopping at Ross on our way back home. We didn’t find what we went there for, but did find plenty of other things. And Emmie saw Daddy trying on shoes, so she needed to try them on too.

We ran by our house afterwards to grab Pretzel & a few other things, and went over to Jeff’s parents house. I mentioned I wanted a new outfit for Emerson’s picture day at school next week, so Mrs. Nita (my MIL) and I ran out to Old Navy, which is just a few minutes from their house. We found a perfect little dress, with matching tights, and Nana even insisted on getting her some cute new shoes as well. She should be adorable in her fall photos next Thursday!

We called in dinner and picked up Chinese food on their way back to their house. Emerson had lots & lots of chicken lo mein.

And then we did bath time at their house. Emerson loved all the new toys she hadn’t played with before, and was generally being so stinking silly. She really had a funny little personality, and I love seeing it come out more & more lately. She had us cracking up in there multiple times tonight.

Then on the way home, we got stuck in tons of traffic leaving the FSU game. (Local peeps – his parents live off East Tennessee, & we live off West Tennessee, so you do the math…) We ended up veering off the main road, and I pulled up Google maps to navigate us through back roads & side neighborhoods. But we finally made it home. The tiny girl had fallen asleep in the car, and we were able to just bring her inside & put her straight in her crib.

Today was super busy, just driving all over town and doing lots of errands. We still have lots more to do tomorrow, so it’ll be another busy day. Luckily, I get to do it all with my tiny family, so that’s good enough for me!

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