Finally Feels Like Fall

On the way to church this morning, Emmie was really having a moment loving this tiny teddy bear from Grandmommie.

After church, we had a fast lunch at Zaxby’s with our friends Louis & Ashlee.

I kept Emerson awake the whole ride home, and she went straight to sleep for nap-time once we got home, at 1:15. While she napped, Jeff and I did some research and planning for our trunk or treat theme. Yesterday, we finally decided on Harry Potter, so today we figured out what we want to do. We ordered a backdrop thing on Amazon, and we have a few props of our own. I also asked on Facebook if anyone had any stuff we could borrow, and lots of sweet friends volunteered some great stuff! Can’t wait to see how it all comes together next Sunday!

Once baby girl finally woke up 2.5 hours later, we loaded up to go run some errands. We spent about an hour in Home Depot, getting stuff for projects & whatnot, and then made a quick trip into the Dollar Tree.

By the time we finally finished up with all that, it was getting late, and I didn’t want to cook, so we had dinner & played Donkey Kong at Burrito Boarder.

Once we got home, the three of us walked around the backyard collecting twigs & sticks, to attempt to make a Harry Potter-ish broom. Then I got Emmie to sleep, and started gathering supplies, but I couldn’t find my hot glue gun, so I jumped in the car to head to Walmart so I could just buy a new one. But of course there were a bajillion people there, and only 3 check-out lanes open, so it took a stupid long time.

I spent about an hour working on it, but so far it just looks like twigs glued to a bigger stick. But I ran out of small-ish twigs (turns out I had way too many that we’re too big to glue on), so I had to quit for the night. We’ll gather up more twigs tomorrow, & cut them down to size. I decided I would work on it one more night, and if it’s still just looking janky after that, we could nix it.

Oh, and we got some twine rope to tie around it once I finish glueing, so that may help with the aesthetics some too.

We are currently watching the first Harry Potter movie, with the fall candle burning, using a new fall blankie we got at Ross yesterday, with the windows cracked to let in the cool fall weather, and I just ate a white chocolate pumpkin cookie. It finally feels like fall! It was a really great day today, from church this morning, to just being with my little family this afternoon & evening!

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