Always Super Sweet

My little girl, who’s always super sweet, was so excited to start playing this morning, she barely had time for me to snap a few quick photos!

The next 3 photos all came from her teachers at school during the day, and the last one was taken by Aunt Meggie, while she was visiting in her classroom

Today was my Aunt Loretta’s funeral, so we all went down to Woodville. We had the church service first, followed by a quick graveside service, and then the family went back to the church for a big potluck lunch. It was definitely a super sad time, but we know she’s with Jesus now. One of the hardest parts for me was seeing her grandson (who’s roughly my age), sobbing at the graveside. It brought back lots of memories of grieving over my own Granddaddy’s death two years ago, which made me start crying again.

It was really nice to be with my family though for a little weekday lunch together, even under such sad circumstances. Before the service started, while the family was all waiting in the side room, my sister was entertaining us with some of her crazy pregnancy dreams about her husband shaving off his beard & getting acne, and weird fleshy spiders jumping around on shelves. It was hilarious.

The work day went by quickly after that, and it was 5pm in no time! For dinner we had beef tips & gravy over rice, and fresh steamed broccoli. And Emerson ate her whole plate (in the photo), plus more! She really, really loves eating these days.

Then we had lots of fun playing and being goofy in the bathtub, and one of her favorite things is checking us out in the mirror afterwards, when she’s all wrapped up cozy in one of her hooded towels.

She wanted to help with my arts & crafts project, and kept trying to pick up all the sticks & glue. So we let her check it out before bedtime.

Emerson & I had collected some more twigs when we first got home, and Jeff got them all trimmed up for me while I got Emmie to sleep.

I then spent about an hour washing dishes & cleaning the kitchen. Our counter had been a completely messy disaster for the past few days, and it needed some serious attention. It was covered in shopping bags from the weekend, some leftover groceries from Saturday that didn’t get out away, Jeff’s Ryobi tool batteries, and lots more. But now it’s completely cleared off & cleaned up! I even took about 10 minutes prepping stuff for tomorrow’s Crock-Pot swedish meatballs, so that all I have to do is dump it in in the morning super fast.

And I got a new phone!!! My current one is over 2 years old, and I’m constantly running out of space, even with a huge SD card for photos & videos, and just a handful of essential apps. And it’s been driving me crazy. So the new Google Pixel 3 just came out, and they had a crazy BOGO free sale, plus we can get a few hundred dollars in credit for turning in our old phones, so we went for it!

We haven’t gotten the new one out od the box yet, but as soon as I hit “publish” on this post, Jeff will start working on getting it all set up for me! I’m super excited about it. And while he does that, I’ll be hot gluing a broom together. Night friends!

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