Lime Green

Welllll once again, today is all about Emmie. I literally don’t have any other photos from today, except for ones of her. It was just a regular, ordinary day, so I didn’t really think about taking photos. I worked like crazy, had lunch & read at my desk, and then picked up my girl from school. We had our little 3-fam family dinner at home, then put on music and sang & danced in the living room, while Emerson walked around eating a Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tart, which she’s now obsessed with, after getting them during the hurricane.

These first three photos are from drop-off this morning, where she was reading the cupcake book to one of little friends. This little girl always comes over to hug Emmie when we get there every morning, and it’s so sweet.

The next three photos were sent my her teachers at school.

Then Emmie got some special loves, and snacks, up at the front desk with Aunt Meggie around 3pm.

And then when I got there at 5:30, she was back up at the from desk again, loving Aunt Meggie and eating more Cheerios! Then she started tickling her, and she got all scrunchy and giggly, and it was almost too much cuteness to handle.

Tomorrow we’ve got LOTS of stuff to do, and errands to run, and things to accomplish. So we’ll see how much we’re able to get done tomorrow. I’m sure some of it will get pushed to Sunday, which is fine too, just as long as we can get it done!

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