All About Emmie

Y’all, my baby girl is smart. This morning at drop-off, she sat down with her teacher, Ms. Q, to read a book. Ms. Q asks Emerson to point at specific things, and she was able to correctly point at the dog in the red hat, the kitty cat, and the red truck! I was so impressed!

And then my sister sent me these next three photos, from Emmie at snack time. Apparently, Meg peeked in her classroom window, and she was double-fisting her graham crackers & banana. So Meg ran up front to grab her phone, & then just held the phone up to the window, but not where Emerson could actually see her. But Emerson did notice the phone, and started hamming it up for the photos!Meg actually got about 10 total, but these are some of my faves.

Oh, and another example of how smart she is – when she was finished she walked over & out her sippy cup in the basket, then walked back to her assigned seat at the table to finish. (She was looking up at her teacher Ms. Lindsey, & you can still see some banana in her little hand.)

And the next two photos were sent by her teachers, through our parent portal app. Love the one of her on the playground. You can see she’s in her happy place outside!

We met the family for dinner before church at Tijuana Flats, and Emmie loved her cheese quesadilla & applesauce, and was even dipping her quesadilla into the applesauce. She also had some guacamole & chips tonight. This wasn’t her first time trying guac, but it was her first time really liking it.

And then while Jeff taught his men’s bible study, I went to worship choir rehearsal, and then Christmas choir rehearsal, and finally praise team rehearsal. It had been 3 weeks since I went to choir (because of the cruise & the hurricane), and it was good to be singing again. I love it!

Jeff brought Emmie home early while I was at praise team rehearsal, and he got her ready for bed, so she wouldn’t be out quite so late. But when I got home (around 9:05), they both greeted me at the back door! So I got to give her loves & put her to bed like usual, so I was glad for that.

And this post ended up being all about Emmie, or at least 95% about her, with just one non-Emmie related tid-bit. Oh well, such is life as mom obsessed with her child.

Almost bedtime for me now, on this late Wednesday night, so adios friends!

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