Dinner at Sonny’s

This morning, I accidentally overslept by over an hour, but it was just so dang hard to get out of my own bed, after our first night back in a few days, and all the work we did around the house yesterday. By the time Emerson and I got to school, all her friends were sitting at the table eating breakfast. I got Emmie settled in, and took these photos while she watched her teacher getting her plate ready. She was just so sweet and interested and patient. And adorable!

I finally complied and posted our 1-second every day video from September today. With the cruise vacation & hurricane craziness, it ended up being a couple weeks late, but check it out here.

The best part about today was dinner as a tiny 3-fam at Sonny’s. Jeff had his monthly deacons meeting at the church tonight, so we met up for dinner before-hand. We all colored together, Emmie ate some crackers as an appetizer, and then we all enjoyed our dinner! She loved dipping her garlic bread in the ketchup, and bites of my pulled chicken.

She was being absolutely adorable, and all the surrounding tables & waitresses were quite enamored with her. They all talked to her, and waved at her, and one waitress even played peek-a-boo with her around the end of the booth. It was all so cute!

After we finished eating, Jeff went to church and Emmie and I went home. I gave her a bath, warmed her milk, and once she finished it, she was out like a light!

It was a hectic day back at work after all the hurricane chaos, so it’s been nice to let someone else cook dinner, and just take it easy tonight. I’m currently cozy on the couch watching Gilmore Girls with my current favorite fall candle burning. Jeff will be home soon, and I’m sure we’ll start up a movie or a tv show, and continue relaxing.

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