Pink Dress & Pink Jellies

I love these first-thing-in-the-morning photos of my baby girl, where she’s super smiley and happy and has some crazy bed head. It makes me wanna scoop her up & squeeze her to tight and soak up all those sleepy baby smells!

And then I also love photos of her in a cute pink dress and cute pink jellies!

And we got so many good photos from her teachers today!

After school and work, we went back over to Megan & Bo’s new house to help do some unpacking. I liked these ferns, so I made Emmie stand for a couple of photos 😉

The U-haul was completely emptied by the time we got there, so I did minor things around the house where I could find projects. I believe they got most of the kitchen stuff packed & put away, and I worked in the guest bedroom. Grandmommie did a great job of taking care of Emmie, so the rest of us could work.

This is the living room, but they might end up rearranging the furniture tomorrow.

Grandmommie and Emmie shared a ham sandwich, and Emmie loved it so much!

This is the guest room I worked on…

On the way home, I finished my current audio book, and it was really good. There is one more book in this series after this, but I’ll have to wait on it until it’s my turn on the holds list.

We got home a little later than I planned, but I still gave Emmie a super quick bath, and got her ready for bedtime. She even wanted to hold brush her own hair tonight!

It was another long day, but it was good to spend a little time with the family again tonight!

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