You’ve Got Mail

Emerson tore apart an entire napkin on the way to church, into teeny tiny shreds, and wouldn’t let me take it away from her, which she thought was just absolutely hilarious. So that’s what was happening in these photos…

Then we stopped at Dunkin Donuts, and gave her a blueberry donut hole, and of course she loved it.

My friend Abby was in the nursery today, and sent me this photo afterwards, of these three cuties in their little hide-out!

After church, Emerson held up this piece of paper to her ear and said, “hello?” As if she was on a phone call! So silly!

After getting dressed for church this morning, Emerson marched into the bedroom to find Daddy, where he promptly declared she looked like a tiny Kathleen Kelly (played by Meg Ryan), from “You’ve Got Mail,” with her tiny cardigan and ballet flats. So of course I had to get some shots in front of the bookshelf! (Also, I’m obsessed with the back of this dress!)

Once I got Emmie down for her nap, I changed into comfy clothes and headed back up to the hospital to hang out with my sister. Emmie slept for a while, and then daddy brought her up to the hospital for a visit as well. And mainly she just.shared everyone’s snacks while she was there!

But please look at these after-nap curls!!!

When it was time to go, she wanted to walk all by herself, and can’t you just tell how proud of herself she is, strutting down the halls?!

We had a slightly early dinner at home tonight, and then as we were playing in the living room, we noticed the sky outside was pretty, so we went to check it out. And it was absolutely gorgeous! And the weather felt so great! So we grabbed our new chalk set, and stayed out in the driveway for about 30 minutes, just enjoying the early evening. Planes kept passing overhead, and after we pointed out the first one to her, she watched it until she couldn’t see it anymore, then signed/said, “more, more,” and kept looking around. Each time another one passed overhead, she would look up to find it, watch it until it was out of sight, and then ask for me. She was so intrigued!

We came back inside just in time for jammies, and a few YouTube videos, and a quick game or two of peekaboo.

Thank you again to everyone who read and responded to yesterday’s post about Megan being hospitalized. She’s still doing good, and the babies are looking great. But keep those prayers coming!

We started watching “The Post,” last night, but I fell asleep after about an hour, so we’re gonna attempt to finish it tonight. And then I’m going to bed early, because once again, I’m exhausted!

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