Hospital Stay

I love sweet, Saturday morning breakfast at home with my tiny family. It’s simple, and pretty much always the same, but it’s perfect for us!

And I love it when simple Saturday breakfast is followed by slow mornings, lazing & playing in our jammies!

Also, this girl barely even stopped eating today! Scrambled eggs, toast & peaches for breakfast. then after playing for a little while, she grabbed Jeff’s hand and dragged him to the kitchen, where she remembered seeing a leftover Little Debbie cake on the counter oh, so she ate that. Then after another little while of playing, she wanted some Cheerios, what she sweetly share with Pretzel. And then a little later after that, she ate a cup of applesauce, followed by half of a second cup!

And she helped us with some of our chores!

Emerson went down for her nap around 11:45, and I got showered and dressed and ready to leave. Jeff stayed home to work on laundry while Emmie slept, and I went to the hospital to spend some time with Megan. She was admitted to the hospital on Thursday for issues with high blood pressure, and the doctors decided to keep her since we’re so close. (This photo is from Thursday night, when they transferred her from the L&D room they had been monitoring her, to the acute care unit in the women’s pavilion.)

We’ve been keeping it under wraps for a few days, since at first they thought they would only keep her for 24 hours, then that turned into an extra night, but today they confirmed she’s staying. Since she’s on strict bedrest however, we’re limiting visitors to just family for now. (You can send gifts or cards to her room if you want, or through one of the family.)

Anyways, my mom & Bo have been staying with her these few days, but I went up today so they could go do more work at their new house. I got there around 1pm, and stayed until almost 8pm. After Emmie woke up from her 3-hour nap (!), Jeff brought her up to the hospital for a quick visit and brought a milkshake for Megan, that of course Emerson just had to share!

Meanwhile back at home, Emmie was wearing an adorable new outfit, complete with a matching hat! And look at those little legs!!

Then Jeff and Emmie went over to his parents house to hangout and eat dinner with them.

And Meggie was super excited here, because she was allowed to get out of the bed long enough to be taken for a wheel chair ride! Isn’t she the cutest pregnant lady?!

She’s been doing really well these past few days (even though she was of course upset at first), but she’s come to terms with the situation now, and understands it’s the best for her and the girls. Being in the hospital isn’t “ideal” obviously, but we did really enjoy our time together. We had lots of time with just the two of us to catch up and talk about all the things. Usually both of us are so busy, but now her schedule is finally cleared, and we got to be together for almost a whole day!

I got home just in time to get Emmie ready for bed, and read her nighttime books. But then she wanted Daddy to put her to sleep. Which I was glad for, because she fought it hard, and it took him at least 30 minutes to get her to calm down and go to sleep. But she’s down now, and so we’re gonna start a movie!

By the way, their original C-section date is still in tact, so she’ll most likely end up being in the hospital for about two weeks total. Continue keeping Meggie and the girls in your prayers!

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