Spring in February

My baby ballerina was awake and ready to get up when I went into her room this morning. I’m not really too sure what she was trying to do here, but right after I snapped the photo, she freaked out, and I realized her tiny thighs/knees were stuck in between the slats, so I had to squish them outta there and scoop her up for some loves.

And then at daycare, she was ready to play, and ready for phone duty! She said she was going to try to call Aunt Mae Mae at the hospital for some chats.

Oh and funny story I forgot to share yesterday… During her hospital visit yesterday, Emmie was playing with the white in-room phone, and pressing lots of buttons, but it wasn’t “on,” so it was fine. Well then she must have pressed the power button or something, because next thing we know, we heard a lady’s voice on the phone! Mom had to grab it from Emmie, and was telling the lady, “I’m sorry! My granddaughter was playing with the phone!” Apparently she had called guest services! But Emmie didn’t like the voice coming out of it, and was very concerned about what was happening.

Aunt Suzanne and I went on a walk at Cascades Park on our lunch break, and it was such a gorgeous day! It was 62°, with super blue skies and bright sunshine, and it felt so nice! And these Japanese magolia trees are my absolute favorite. They’re blooming all over town right now, and I love them.

And obviously my girl was having a great time outside today too, playing on the playground!

I love this one with her hair blowing in the wind!

This sweet memory popped up in my Facebook today, from when my Granddaddy helped me get my new-to-me car, after having so many problems with my old Jeep. My Granddaddy had been buying cars from the same dealership (Stallings in Cairo, GA) for literally like 40 years. I think they opened sometime in the 70’s, and he was one of their first sales (if I’ve got my story straight), and he never bought from anywhere else!

Since then, he (and most of our entire family) bought literally countless vehicles from them, and he referred countless other friends & family members. All of the staff knew him, and our whole family, and other folks could go up there and say “Jimmy Powell sent me,” and they’d give you a good deal. Heck, they probably still would! They’ve sold probably hundreds of cars because of my Granddaddy, either directly to him, or to people he referred!

Also, remember when my mom wom that tiny Jeep at Christmas time? It was from this dealership! Anyways, this was a sweet memory to see today ❤️

He even wore this cute shirt with trucks on it, special for our car dealing business.

When I picked up Emmie from school today, Little Miss Independent had to carry her bag out herself. It took us at least twice as long, but girlfriend knows what she wants, and she wanted to do it herself!

And look at the beautiful sunshine!

And here’s today’s “triplet mom” update – her BP has gone back down to normal, and she’s doing really well. They even let my mom take her on a few wheelchair laps around the parking lot for some fresh air today! It was a beautiful spring day, and so many of us got to enjoy it!

Her specific doctor had been out of town over the weekend, so she was really glad she got to see her today. The doctor said she’s not concerned with where Megan is health-wise, and is really just being overly cautious at this point. She also told her she’d come see Meg every day, and she likes knowing she’s only 15 minutes away, should she need her!

Once we got home, we did a video call with Aunt Meggie in the hospital. Emmie was glad to see her, even through the phone, and of course Emerson provided good entertainment for Meg! Mommy and Emmie played for a few minutes, and then we started working on dinner. Well really, Emerson ate Pringles while I did all the work.

And then Daddy got home just in time, and we had a nice little family dinner together, just the three of us, for the first time in a week! (Last week was crazy busy.) And Emerson at SO MUCH dinner! We kept having to scoop rice & beef tips off our plates, onto hers, when she would finish and ask for more. She really was hungry tonight! Which I shouldn’t be surprised at, because all the way home, she was repeating, “mommy daddy puppy eat eat eat eat eat eat eat…” 😂

She was exhausted by bedtime, and that would be because she had a terrible time going to sleep last night. Last night, it took about an hour for Jeff to get her to go down, then she slept for an hour and woke up screaming, and then it took us another hour and a half to get her to go back to sleep again. It was after 11 p.m. before she finally conked out after an hour and a half of fighting it, crying, sleeping on her chest, and just laying in her bed with her eyes wide open. Tonight however, Jeff only had to rock her for about 5 minutes, and then she was completely out and he was able to lay her down right away.

Oh and this is where we did some hand-tracing before dinner time. There are about three or four of her tiny hands, then one of each of mine and Jeff’s hands as well. She loves doing this now, since Grandmommie showed her last week!

While Jeff ran a quick errand after getting Emmie to sleep, I got all the dishes washed and the kitchen cleaned. It had been about a week and a half since I did a full cleaning, and things were really messy and cluttered. It feels good to finally have it all taken care of again! I listened to this new audiobook while I worked, and even though it was a little slow in the very beginning and I didn’t concentrate on it at first, it’s gotten really good now, and I’m interested to see where it goes. It’s kind of a suspense, thriller, mystery situation, and around 30% in, I have a loose theory about what might be going on, so I’m curious to see if I might be right…

It’s taken me a long time to write this post tonight, I guess I am even “chattier” than usual, so it’s almost 10pm, and almost my bedtime. Hope y’all had a good Monday!

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