Memory Lane

I love that my little Emerson wakes up sweet and silly every single morning. Today, she was moving her legs in & out in front of her like this, making a big swishing noise, and just giggling at herself. That is literally what she did like 2 seconds after opening her eyes today! So silly, so sweet.

Then she wore a “fancy” outfit to school today, complete with a headband, and she looked so cute and precious!

Since I finished my audio book last night, I started on a new one this morning. This one is #2 in a trilogy, and I really enjoyed the first one, so I’m hoping to enjoy this second one as well.

We got a lot of photos from her teachers today, which I absolutely loved! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I absolutely love The Growing Room, and couldn’t imagine sending her anywhere else!

One of her old teachers came to the school for a visit today, and she got some.good Emmie loves.

On the way to the car after school, she wanted to walk all by herself, and carry her bag all by herself. It took us about three times as long, but she was so happy and proud of herself.

We met the family for dinner at Zaxby’s before church, and ate some delicious chicken. I had the buffalo Zalad, and Emmie decided she needed to hold the entire chicken strip, rather than eat the bites Grammy had torn off for her.

And then she out her own high chair away! These are on wheels, so she can push it herself, and she just thinks it’s the best game!

And then she wanted to sit in the big girl chair all by herself next to Grandmommie. And look how sweetly she’s looking up at her! 😍

(Also, how do we feel about emojis in the blog? I avoided them for so long, but I’ve seem other bloggers using them, so maybe it’s ok?)

I got to church about 20 minutes early tonight, so I just went into Emmie’s classroom with her for a while before choir. She had been eating a goldfish Graham cracker from her kids meal, and she got really upset & confused when it broke at the very end…

After playing for a while, I went over to the choir room, where I proceeded to take a trip down memory lane. Apparently things happen on February 13 every year!

2018 – Emmie was only 7 months old, and the teeniest, almost-bald baby girl. (Ok nothing actually happened, she was just cute and I wanted to share.)

2017 – My college friend Nicole, who lived in Pensacola at the time, came to Tally for a job, and was able to come to our house for dinner. We talked for hours, and also played some Harry Potter trivia.

2016 – we spontaneously adopted our second dog, Pretzel! We went with Jeff’s mom to look at dogs for her to adopt, and we ended up falling in love with this tiny boy!

2011 – my college roommate Bridget flew from Ohio to Florida to come visit me for a long weekend, since we missed each other so much, less than one year after graduation.

2007 – my very first ever college roomie and I got super soaking wet, walking 8 blocks from the parking garage back to the dorms in the flooding rain, and purposefully jumping in all the puddles.

Well that was fun to share all of those memories! Back to 2019 though…

Choir was really good tonight, rehearsing five or six of the songs were currently working on. This particular part in the photo below is one of my faves, because look at how low those also notes are! Even though I occasionally attempt to sing 2nd soprano, I’m most comfortable as an alto, and I especially love the super low notes like this. I mean, just look at the last 2 alto notes at the very bottom of the page! So low!

Jeff stopped at the Dollar Tree for me on the way home, to grab the jello I signed up to bring for Emmie’s Valentine’s party at school tomorrow. Emmie and I headed straight home, and got started on the night-night routine. She loves to “brush” her teeth! (Which is mostly just chewing on it, until I ask her to let me help.)

Daddy got home just in time for us to all read books together, then I said prayers and got kisses, and he stayed to put her to sleep.

I’m gonna go clean all the leftovers out of the fridge really quick, because tomorrow is our trash pick-up day. And then we’re going to watch an episode of the Marie Kondo special on Netflix. I’ve heard and seen soooo much about it, but we haven’t watched it yet. I started reading the book last month, but quit pretty early on because it was super boring. But I still wanna check out the show!

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