Cafeteria Chicken Sandwiches

Emmie started off the morning finishing up last night’s leftover pink milk from the fridge.

And today she was fever-free and back at school ready to play!

And please just look at these curls! Aren’t blonde baby curls one of the best things in life? I think so.

And after all of yesterday’s activities, I was back to my regular routine at work, including reading and drinking hot tea on my morning break.

And then last night leftovers for lunch. It may not be particularly photogenic, but it was absolutely delicious!

These photos were sent from Emmie’s teachers today…

I finished another audio book today, and it was a good one – 4 out of 5 stars. There has been a sequel published already, but my library doesn’t have the audio book version, only the hardback version. Maybe I’ll wait and see if they ever get the audio book for the Libby app…

Remember those chicken patty sandwiches from your elementary cafeteria? Well we had some for dinner tonight. We had the frozen Tyson brand, and they taste exactly how you remember, which was pretty good. And Emmie certainly loved the chicken! She actually didn’t want the bread I had put hers on, and so I ended up giving her half of one of my sandwiches, and then she ate her patty off the plain bread.

Also, her teacher did her hair again today, and it’s just too much.

Even once I took the tiny rubber-band out for bath time, her hair was still standing up.

After bath time, we got a little carried away, having lots of fun making silly faces and taking selfies.

I love when her hair is freshly washed and brushed, and she’s all quiet and sweet and sleepy. Uh, melts my heart.

Do y’all sometimes feel really good about yourselves, for doing just small little projects? After way too long of just throwing my earrings on this table, rather than putting them on the earrings tree like I should have, I finally decided to do something about it tonight. I also pared things down, and got rid of 10-15 old pairs that I’ve had for years, and hadn’t worn in forever. I dusted and organized and straightened, and felt like I had accomplished some big project or something.

Jeff put Emmie to sleep again tonight, while I got all the dishes washed and cleaned up the kitchen. He is working with someone over the phone on some computer stuff, so I’m going to watch another episode of The Ted Bundy Tapes, then read a little before bedtime.

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