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My poor little girl woke up with a slight fever today of 100.5 degrees. But that meant she couldn’t go to school, so her and I had a day together at home.

Daddy was able to eat breakfast with us before he went to work, since we were all up early anyways. I had actually already gotten completely ready for work before going in to wake her up (which is my normal routine), and finding out she had a fever. So I changed out of my work clothes, and we got breakfast ready for the three of us. Prayer time before breakfast…

And she loved the leftovers from Grandmommie’s breakfast casserole she made Saturday.

I ended up documenting our entire day, from breakfast to bedtime, all on my Instagram stories. So for those of you that follow me there, this will all be mostly the same stuff. I have discovered that I can’t exactly document for my blog, and document on IG stories on the same day, because I end up with mostly all IG story photos and videos, and hardly any regular photos. I can’t remember to do both, so they end up looking the same. Once I realized this last summer, I pretty much stopped recording Instagram stories, even though I really like doing those, since I was blogging everyday anyway. But it was really fun to do it again today for the first time in a long time, and I had fun interacting back-and-forth was lots of friends and family in a different way on Instagram. And plus, with the captions on the photos, there’s less to write out in the blog 😉

At one point, she was roaming around the living room repeating over and over “paci? paci? paci?” There was one right on the coffee table among all of her books, but she kept missing it. Eventually she found that one, and then found a second one over near her food truck, that I didn’t even know was over there!

Pretzel was so sweet and cuddly today.

Praying before lunch time! I had fixed her a nice little lunch of mac and cheese, grapes, and oranges from our own backyard. But she ended up only eating about half of the mac and cheese, none of the fruit, and then she wanted saltine crackers.

After lunch time, I got her calmed down, and rocked her for a little bit, then she was ready to lay down and go to sleep for a nap. She went down right around 11:50 a.m..

Then I got myself some lunch, and threw dinner into the Crock-Pot!

Emmie ended up sleeping for two and a half hours, which y’all know is great for her! I was so glad she had a nice long nap, hoping her little body was healing itself. During that time, I tidied up a little here & there around the house, and watched Netflix. I only had about 15 minutes left of the last episode of “Call the Midwife” (that I fell asleep during the other night), so once I finished that, I started watching the Ted Bundy Tapes, and wow that is super interesting.

Emmie woke up so sweet and happy, and was still fever free! She only had a “fever” first thing this morning, and then it never came back. So as long as it doesn’t come back overnight or in the morning (knock on wood!), she will go back to school tomorrow.

She put on my socks, and they reminded me of leg warmers from the 80’s!

And then, Aunt Meggie came to visit!

Please notice the Saltine cracker still in her little hand from snack time…

And we found a bird’s nest in a tree in the backyard! And Emmie had fun running down the hill to me over & over again, like we were doing on Saturday.

After some more playing, and another snack time (she ate two little cups of cinnamon apple sauce), it was time for Aunt Meggie to go home. So Emmie and I went to get the mail, while Meg got in her car, hoping to distract Emmie and not let her get too upset Meg was leaving. It sorta worked, but she still got a little upset. She just loves her so much!

But, I got some fun earrings in the mail today! A girl I follow on Instagram shared this cute jewelry shop on Etsy one day, with a discount code for 15% off (FETCHINGVDAY, good through 2/14), and her stuff is really cute! So a few weeks ago I bought these earrings as a birthday gift to myself, and they finally came in today! Can’t wait to wear them!

Since I had put the chicken in the Crock-Pot earlier today, I only had to do a few things (make a pot of brown rice & microwave some canned corn), in order to finish up dinner. So once Jeff got home, dinner was ready & waiting! Tonight, we ate the chili ranch chicken over brown rice, topped with toppins’, and I call it “burrito bowls.” I usually make it with 4 frozen chicken breasts, and it makes plenty for the two of us, plus leftovers to take to work for lunch. 

After dinner, we had a little more family play time before Emmie had to go to bed. She was carrying around her sippy cup, because she had her favorite pink (strawberry) milk in it, and she didn’t want to give it up.

We did our usual books at bedtime, and then Daddy stayed in there to put her to sleep. He’s been the best at it the last week or so, and that’s been fine with me. (One of the most frustrating parental times for me is when she is fighting sleep, and I lose patience wayyyy too easy in that situation, so he really is the best for that issue.) She was fine tonight and didn’t fight, and it only took about 5-10 minutes of rocking and snuggling before he was able to lay her down.

Apart from the fever right at 7 a.m., and then some fussiness around mid-morning, she really wasn’t acting sick at all, and she had no other symptoms. (I specifically made sure to watch for ear pulling or anything that might indicate ear infection, but nothing.) So I’m thinking she is probably just teething again, which is what caused her low-grade fever and fussiness.

Her and I still had a really great day together, and we loved having Aunt Megan come by for a couple of hours as well. It made me really wish I was able to be a stay-at-home Mama, and enjoy more leisurely days like this! I have found I don’t mind house-hold chores near as much, when I get to just hang out in my house the rest of the day, playing with my baby girl! It would also be nice to just get to hang out with my sister in the middle of the day, whenever we wanted to!

I really enjoyed documenting our day on Instagram stories, and then blogging about it as well, of course. I’ve been writing this while Jeff got Emmie to sleep, so now I’m going to go wash the few dishes from tonight (I’ve already re-tidied the living room), and then rest and relax a bit before bedtime.

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