19 Months Old

My beautiful, silly Emerson is now 19 months old! She is wearing mostly 9-month size clothes, and size 3 diapers. (Hasn’t been weighed since last month, when she was 18lbs.)

She can identify lots of animals by pointing when we ask, and has added moo, meow, neigh, and woof to her repertoire of animal sounds. Doggies are still her absolute favorite.

She has started giving the sweetest little kisses, and will nod her head once (just one single nod, very dramatically), for “yes.” She makes me crack up laughing all the time, and fills my heart so full.

We took those photos first thing this morning before church, and she was being so cute and silly. Then we read for a few minutes while waiting on daddy to finish getting ready.

I was so impressed with her when reading this tiny alphabet book, because as soon as I turned this page, she started saying “hoo hoo,” like an owl. But the thing is, I didn’t even know she could visually identify an owl! Since Christmas time, she’s known what an owl says when you ask her, but I didn’t actually know she knew she could point it out like this. She amazes me sometimes!

And then the little weirdo climbed on my leg for a bit…

And worked on her food truck…

And then we headed for church. I did end up taking in some Valentine’s for her little church friends, and Emmie just liked playing with the empty box. (I had to hide all the rest of the cards from her, so she wouldn’t rip them apart and destroy them!)

Jeff ended up reaching out Sunday school class today, after our teacher asked him at the last minute yesterday. The lesson was on marriage and marital roles, and even with minimal time to prepare, he still did a great job teaching. The class also participated in good discussion as well, which is always a good thing. Then during the service, we had Deacon ordination, and our church ordained four new Deacons, one of which was our Sunday school teacher! (He had to be down the the sanctuary meeting with the pastor during Sunday school, which is why Jeff taught the lesson.) The ordination was really special (Jeff was ordained 3 years ago), and it was a good service.

On the way home, Emmie took her little shoes off, only to discover they were stinky again! She thinks it’s the funniest thing when I make a big deal out of smelling her stinky toes, so that’s always fun and funny.

Emmie and I had actually worn matching Mommy Daughter dresses from Old Navy today, so we attempted to get a few photos together after lunch. But this goofball was not only still munching on food, but she was also sleepy. But these are still cute. Just know that the next time we wear these dresses together, we will be taking more photos together.

And then I didn’t take any photos for the next 7 hours! Emmie napped for just over an hour (too short), while we started watching “Bird Box” on Netflix (in the daylight, might I add). And then once she woke up, we had a couple hours of play time together as a family. We also folded a few loads of laundry, and I picked out Emmie’s clothes for the week.

Then my Mama came over just before 5pm, and stayed with Emmie, while Jeff and I went to the Valentine’s Banquet at church. We had Outback steak & mashed potatoes, followed by cherry cheesecake. There was a short devotional, then I sang my song (“Worth It” by Francesca Batistelli). Jeff was supposed to take video or photo so my mama could see it, but he completely forgot. I will toot my own horn a bit though, and say I think I did a pretty great job 😉 Then four couples played The Newlywed Game, and that was pretty hilarious.

We got home a little after 8pm, and Emerson was still awake and watching Moana on Grammy’s phone. My mom had attempted to put Emmie to sleep like usual, but Emmie wasn’t havin’ it, and put up quite a big stink. It was really ok though, because that meant I got to hug & kiss on my girl again before bedtime.

We did the usual routine with her current three favorite books, I said night-night prayers and got kisses, then daddy got her calmed down and was able to get her to go to sleep.

We are going to finish watching “Bird Box” now, and hopefully we don’t give ourselves nightmares by watching it after dark!

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