Green Eggs & Ham

Once again, Emerson woke up and started saying “eat, eat, eat,” within about two minutes… So she cuddled with Daddy and ate some Pop-Tart, while I finished getting everything gathered up.

This week is Dr. Suess week at school, and there have been themes each day. Today, everyone was supposed to wear green, and they read “Green Eggs & Ham!” I wish I had been more coordinated, and cooked eggs & ham and had breakfast for dinner tonight. Maybe I’ll try to do that next year… Anyways, she was wiping the classroom again this morning.

I finished this book right as I got to work this morning. The other day I mentioned I had a theory, but I was way off. It actually ended up being kind of difficult to listen to (touchy subject matter), so I didn’t enjoy it all that much. However, it is highly rated on Goodreads, so I guess others that weren’t as bothered by the topic found the overall plot really good. Not for me though…

Here are the photos we got from her teachers today…

And today I had a lunch date with my sissy at the hospital! I got there just as she was starting her lunch, so we got to chat & eat together. And then I took her on a short wheelchair ride under the covered part of the parking lot, since it was misty and sprinkling.

Remember like a month ago I was having problems with the free Prime channels on Audible? Well I contacted their customer support, they were useless, and then I forgot. But today I remembered it again (after finishing that book this morning), and opened the app back up. And by some miracle, it worked today! So after work, I picked up where I left off with this one.

After picking up Emmie from school, there was a giant classroom rug hanging over the railing, and she was just so interested in it! She kept slowly walking towards it, and I had to keep steering her the other direction. She was so into it!

On the way home, she kept saying “eat, eat, eat!” So we busted out a snack as soon as we got inside… And then as she ate some Pringles, we did a video call with Megan & Bo.

She ate a few more Pringles while I cooked, and then we had burgers and baked beans for dinner. And she ate half a burger and the bun! With lots of ketchup for dipping. Of course.

She had some special bubbles in her bath tonight (not real “bubble bath,” just her own baby soap all stirred up), and she played with all her rubber duckies.

Then I got her dressed for bed, in a new pair of jammies, that came complete with a little hat! And it was too much! She looked like a little baby hipster, but she loved it!

And since she was once again saying, “eat, eat, eat,” we went back to the kitchen for a cookie for dessert before bedtime.

Then we read all of our bedtime books, and I started to lay her on my shoulder to rock her to sleep, but she only wanted Daddy! I got a little offended tonight, because not only did she want him, but she was actually crying (tears and everything) because she wanted him and not me. And she didn’t calm down until we switched. And even though it did actually upset me a little, once she calmed down and we said her night-night prayers, she gave me a sweet hugs and a slobbery kiss, and I was OK with it. And then she sweetly waved at me as I left the room. I know she loves me, and I know she loves her Daddy, and she’s asleep now, so that’s what matters!

I got all the dishes washed and the kitchen cleaned and threw away last week’s leftovers, and now I’m ready to unwind a little before bedtime! Hubby and I are gonna watch a couple new episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Hulu, and then crawl in my comfy bed…

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