A Trucker Hat & a Tutu

Started a super short audio book this morning. This is a full-cast dramatization done by the BBC, which means there are lots of actors, plus some music and sound effects. I wouldn’t like this for every book I listen to, but it’s nice and fun for these old school Agatha Christie novels.

For the final day of Dr. Suess week, today was silly hat day. Emmie doesn’t really have any “silly” hats, but she did want to wear her O’Reilly’s trucker hat to school today. And I think she looks so cute in it! A trucker hat and a tutu – quite a fashion statement!

Here are the photos we got from her teachers today.

After work, I picked up Emmie from school, and we went to the hospital. My parents and Bo were already there with Megan, eating 4 Rivers BBQ for dinner at the tables out front. My Mama was nice enough to have gotten dinner for Emmie and me too, so we just pulled up a chair for our pulled pork sammies!

After we all finished eating, Emmie went around to each of us collecting trash, and putting it in the big bag. She didn’t believe us right away though, and almost always had to check to make sure whatever we gave her was in fact trash, and not food. She was just cracking us up.

Bo took Emmie and Meggie on a wheelchair stroll around the parking deck, and I was asked to come along to be their photographer. I had been telling Meg she should take one more bump photo from the hospital before the babies come, and tonight she finally gave in and took one. And it’s so cute!

Also, the nice man at the check-in desk made Emmie her own special visitor tag to wear tonight!

We stayed there with the family as long as possible, hanging out in Meg’s room, eating delicious dessert made by one of Meg’s besties. (Sarah K. — those things were so good!) Then we came home to see Daddy! (He was helping his parents move some furniture around tonight.) And then we got ready for bedtime, in her new jammies and hipster baby beanie.

I did the bedtime reading again tonight, but once again she wanted Daddy to put her to sleep. They’ve been in there for about 15 minutes, and I haven’t heard a peep out of her in a while, so I assume she’s almost out. So once she’s officially in her bed and asleep, I think we’ll try to watch a movie tonight. Since I don’t have any dishes to wash, we can get one started “early!”

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