Purple Boat Shoes

My hipster beanie baby started out the morning with pink milk and scrambled egg sandwiches.

And then as soon as we left the table after breakfast, she was saying, “eat, eat!” So she started on some Pringles.

We had lots of good, sweet playtime this morning, just Mommy & Emmie, since Daddy was tired and went back to bed for a while.

This is the face of a distraught baby, over the missing sheep.

After a while, she finished the small can of Pringles, and was still saying, “eat, eat,” so I made her a snack plate of peaches, Cheerios, and cheese-its.

She thinks I’m a jungle gym…

Once Emmie went down for her mid-day nap, I got dressed and went up to the hospital to visit with Megan. I had lunch there with her, and we watched TV for a while, but then we were both bored, and she was stir crazy today, so we went for a 45-minute wheelchair walk. We explored every nook & cranny of the women’s pavilion & that parking deck, and only finally returned to the room because the pregnant lady needed to potty.

Once we got back to the room, we found “The Princess Diaries” on TV, so we re-lived our early 2000’s by watching that. It was so good! By late afternoon, Jeff brought Emerson by for a visit as well, and of course she entertained all of us. She kept putting her arms inside her romper, and we thought it was so funny, which she thought was so funny.

As we were leaving, one of their couple-friends from church (the husband works for the Gadsden sheriff’s office, in the background below), came by to visit, plus two other families were on their way. So Emmie gave sweet goodbye hugs and kisses, before eagerly heading towards the elavator. (For some reason, she was super excited about the elavator today!)

After the hospital, Emerson and I stopped by my parents house to pick up a bag of stuff for my grandmother, and we stayed for just a quick 10-minute visit. Grammy had also ordered these tiny purple boat shoes for Tater Tot, and we just had to put them on! And they were perfect with her sailboat romper!

We had dinner at Jeff’s parents’ house, but Emmie’s favorite part was the sugar cookie for dessert.

We got home a little later than I planned, so we skipped bath time tonight, and got straight into jammies. I’ll probably try to give her a bath before church in the morning, since she tends to wake up early no matter what, so we should have plenty of time!

Megan is tired of being in the hospital at this point, is over the hospital food, and just wants to be in their new house, getting things settled, the way she wants them. She’s got 6 more days before the babies arrive though, so pray that she stays entertained and occupied until then!

We didn’t end up watching a movie last night (which is good since I fell asleep on the couch super early), but I think we’re going to start up something now…

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