Sunday Supper

After church, Emerson wanted to drive us home. But we told her it would still be a few more years before we could allow her to chauffeur us!

So instead, we put her in her car seat with a towel in the window to block the sun. (One of these days we will finally get the windows tinted like we keep talking about. Anyone have a great recommendation?!)

Oh and hey, it’s March, and here’s March on my Shutterfly calendar!

We had leftovers at home for lunch today, and then got Emmie down for her nap right at 1pm. And by 1:07pm, dinner was already prepped and slow-cooking!

Emmie slept from 1pm until about 3:30. During that time, I tried to nap as well, but it wasn’t a very good nap. I know it sounds weird, but sometimes even if I’m super tired, I just don’t nap well, which of course just makes me feel even more sleepy when I finally get up. But after Emmie woke up, she had snack time (leftover donut holes from this morning) sitting on the coffee table with Daddy. Those cute little crossed legs are so adorable!

Then we loaded up and went to TMH to visit Aunt Megan and Uncle Bo. And I finished the last 8 minutes of this audio book on the way there.

And since my girl can’t stop eating these days (the toddler, not the pregnant lady), she had more snacks once we got there. Fruit snacks and apple sauce.

And then she got Bo’s shoes for him, because she was ready for all of us to go for a wheelchair ride.

Only Megan was ready for the photo…

After all the fun on our wheelchair walk and hangout time in the waiting room, we got Meggie settled back in bed, and then headed out. We stopped by the grocery store on our way home, to grab a couple of things to go with dinner, like fresh 99ยข bread and humongous Brussels sprouts.

The garlic & herb pork loin with onions had been slow cooking since 1pm, and it smelled so delicious when we got back home!

And this was such a delicious meal! With the fresh bread, and fresh veggies, and slow-cooked pork, it just felt extra nice, and like the perfect Sunday supper.

We played for about 30 minutes after dinner, before getting Emmie ready for bed.

She’s obsessed with the “wheels on the bus” song right now, which is what she’s doing below. (She spins her little arms around to let us know when she wants to watch the YouTube video, since those are the motions they taught her to the song at school.)

I got Emerson to bed relatively easily tonight, and then I came out to clean up from dinner and wash dishes. I started a new book (#4 & final in the series), and man this one is gonna take a while. It’s 31 hours of listening! The next longest one I’ve ever listened to was “Winter” last November, which was 24 hours long.

I only got about 10 minutes into the book tonight though, because then we were in a tornado warning! A few minutes after 8pm, we were checking the news, there was a tornado in Midway, and it said by 8:10 it would hit TCC, and 8:15 it would be at Doak Campbell Stadium. We live right in between those two places (off West Tennessee Street), so we were a little bit worried. We figured we’d rather be safe than sorry, so we grabbed Emerson back out of her bed, grabbed a few blankets and pillows, and sat in the floor in the hallway for about 20 minutes. I held Emmie, and she stayed pretty calm and quiet, even though she wasn’t asleep anymore. And Jeff kept checking for weather updates. Once we felt like it had passed us, we decided it would be fine to put Emmie back in her bed. But first, we took one not-so-great family selfie to remember the occasion!

It’s been raining off & on, plus there’s been some horrible thunder & lightning. The storms certainly aren’t over yet tonight, but I’m praying the worst of them are gone now, and that we’ll get no more tornado warnings! Be safe, friends, and good night!

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