Dinosaurs & Donuts

Baby girl once again woke up saying, “eat, eat!” So she had some Pop-Tart in the way to school, and finished it up right as we got to her classroom. And then she got so super excited about her dinosaurs!

At lunch time, Aunt Suzanne and I went on a weekly Monday walk. It was much colder than anticipated though, so we just did a ton of laps in our parking deck, in order to avoid the cold wind! But our map just looks silly…

And here are a few photos from Emmie’s teachers today.

Look at this tiny girl from this day last year. So sweet & smiley!

And this day three years ago, my sister and I had a little sister date night at Food Truck Thursday. We got something from almost every truck, and shared it all! It was so much fun!

As soon as we got in the car from school, Emmie found a piece of stale Pop-Tart in her seat. So of course she had to eat it!

And then she had a little bit more sitting on the counter while I cooked dinner.

After dinner, we we’re playing around in the living room. Emmie wandered off from us for a little bit, and then came back with her container of donut holes from yesterday, out of her diaper bag! So if course she had a couple for her dessert before bedtime.

We read all our usual books, said night-night prayers, and then Daddy put her to sleep while I washed the dishes, and made our lunches for tomorrow from tonight leftovers. And now it’s movie time!

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