Another Sick Day

My poor little Emmie girl is still not feeling good. She woke up at 5:30 a.m., super upset, with a 101.2 fever. We gave her some infant Tylenol, got her calmed down, and then her and I slept in the living room recliner for a little while. We we’re supposed to help my sister and bro-in-law pack up their house this morning (they’re moving next week!), but we didn’t want to risk Megan getting sick at this point in her pregnancy, with whatever Emmie might have. So Jeff went over there without us, and Emmie and I stayed home. We missed seeing everyone though!

She was a relatively happy little girl for most of the morning, and even smiled and giggled a bit.

After playing for a little while, she had Cheerios and pink milk while I cooked breakfast, then I had my favorite egg-in-the-hole, and she had one scrambled egg.

Today, I finally threw away my dead Trader Joe’s flowers from the tea party I had two weeks ago. So I replaced them on my cutting board set-up with cute straws (found today at my sister’s house from her wedding almost 6 years ago) in a cute jar (that my mama gave me for my birthday a few weeks ago). Plus some Valentine’s candy in little dishes from Mexico we got on our cruise.

Emmie ate like 3 bites of food for lunch, got super fussy, and then went down for her nap really easily. We ate lunch and watched “Parks & Rec,” before Jeff had to head out again to work at one of his side computer job things. Once Emerson woke up from her nap (after about 1.5 hours), Grammy came over for just a little while to visit.

We got trapped inside for a little but while it was raining, which was fine since Emmie mostly just wanted to sit in my lap, or between my legs, and read books just kind of chat with each other. She is usually so super busy, and today she was just not into playing as much. She didn’t play with any of her usual favorite things (food truck, buggy, bells, etc), and we just took it easy.

Once it stopped raining and dried up a little bit, we went outside for some fresh air and (cloudy) sun.

Jeff came back home around 5pm, so we went to Bojangles for an early dinner. (He took this photo, and he was so proud of his creativity, with Emmie in the background with her chin on her fist 😉)

However, Emmie didn’t want to sit in the high chair once we got our food, so she freaked out and got really upset, and was crying so much. She was clearly exhausted & not feeling well, and so even though we were literally the only people in the restaurant, we packed up the food and brought it home, so she could at least be in her own house. We tried to get her to eat once we got home, but she was acting like her teeth were really hurting, and wouldn’t eat too much. Poor little girl just might be cutting some more molars! And that’s hard work!

She enjoyed bath time, and had fun playing with all her rubber duckies. I got her dressed and ready for bed, then we all read her bedtime books together.

She fell asleep on me almost instantly, but I stayed and rocked her for about 10 minutes, just because I wanted to. I figured the extra cuddles on a sick day would be good for her, and of course cuddles make this Mama’s heart happy!

She had a fever still around noon (right before her nap), and 2 p.m. (right after her nap), so I’ll be keeping her home from church tomorrow. And again tonight, we’re really hoping & praying she sleeps through the night, and wakes up feeling better, with no fever!

Jeff and I are starting “The Green Mile,” now. I’ve seen it once before, but barely remember it. But since it’s a three hour movie (!), I’m sure we’ll have to finish it tomorrow…

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