Five Dino Girlies

For Christmas, I got all five girls matching dino dresses and cute flowery headbands. Meg & I planned for everyone to wear them to church today, and of course they were absolutely adorable in them together!

At one point, I had Emmie and the trippies walking around the church, and someone saw us pass by and said, “Wait, how are there 4 of the triplets now?!” They didn’t recognize Emmie, since they were all wearing the same thing 🤣

In GC Kids, they earn “kids bucks” for every time they attend Sunday morning, and bring their Bible, and attend Wednesday night, and answer Bible quiz questions, etc… well Emmie has been earning and saving a lot of points lately, and today was “store day” and she finally cashed them in! And no one was surprised she picked out this giant stuffed unicorn, that she has now named Peggy.

Today was my day in the preschool room again, with about 15 little 3 -&-4-year-olds. They’re fun and cute and they like it when I color with them, but goodness they’re exhausting!

We did Burger King again for lunch after church, since it’s just so easy and we get good deals in the app.

It was of course time for afternoon naps when we got home from church and lunch, and I think all of us slept for at least a little bit, some more than others of course.


Then we went back to church tonight, for our Connect Group classes first, followed by hamburgers and hot dogs while watching the Super Bowl in the fellowship hall. And even though Jeff and I don’t actually watch or care for pro football, we ended up with front-row seats to the big screen, because it was the last table left by the time we made it downstairs from our classroom…

Both my girls love Miss Ary so much!

We immediately did bedtime when we got home, after an episode of Bluey of course.

After a pretty rough week last week, with Emerson being so sick, capped off by losing our Pretzel on Friday night, we’re ready for a clean slate and a fresh start this week.

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