Self-Care Night

OK so I didn’t realize until right now that Addie looked so frustrated in this first photo this morning… Oopsies. But she did smile and look sweet for the second one 🙂

We decided that Emerson’s stuffy nose and headache must be allergies like the rest of us are all suffering from. Those are her only symptoms, and with no fever, it can’t really be much else… So she was back at school today, and she had a good day.

Aunt Meggie picked up Addison for me when she got the triplets, so that by the time I got Emerson, they were just walking out to the van. And luckily, Aunt Meggie had an extra snack for baby Addie too when she was passing them out to the triplets.

I made sloppy joes for dinner, and then Emerson and I spent some time doing more of her make-up work from the previous week when she was out with the flu.

And look at how much my little Christmas cactus is blooming now!

Both girls were super tired tonight (especially Addison), so bedtime was super easy. I’m going to do some self-care stuff tonight, like repaint my nails and some under-eye-collagen patches and a foot “mask” thingy. Ooh and maybe I’ll do my teeth whitening strips too.

Really gonna go all out tonight with all that, plus a cup of hot tea that Jeff is making right now.

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