Turkish Tea Time

Addison was looking up trying to find the birdies this morning before school.

And Emmie looked so cute in the cheetah outfit she picked out.

I was wearing a new dress today, and having a good hair day, and my nails matched my dress, and it was just lovely a day today!

Yesterday, I finished a very long, 24-hour confusing, high fantasy audio book that took me literally three weeks to get through. So today I started a short little 10-hour rom-com, for a pallet cleanser.

I picked up the girls from their schools (and then had to pick up Megan’s anti-nausea meds for her because of some issues), so Jeff picked up Chick-fil-A for dinner and met us at the church. I scarfed mine down super fast (I poured ranch & sriracha sauce on my nuggets and it was so good!), and then went to worship team rehearsal.

And for our Wednesday night service, we had our usual worship time, and then we had Turkish tea time, as part of hearing from a missionary to Turkey. The missionary is from right here in Tallahassee, and has been a working in Turkey, Tajikistan and and Turkmenistan, but mostly Turkey, I believe. They had a table set up of beautiful things and photos from Turkey, but those are confidential for safety reasons.

And then they even served Turkish tea for everyone, or “cay” which is pronounced just like chai. And a little fact I learned about tea tonight, is that Turkey has the highest per capita tea consumption in the world. 

We also used those flag toothpicks to stab ourselves a tiny piece of Turkish delight (which is down there in that small bowl), which is actually gummy-like, but I always thought it would be more like a Milky Way or something.

I also learned that in a country of 80+ million people, there are only 5,000 Christian believers in Turkey. So clearly, we need more missionaries to Turkey, and lots of prayers for the Muslim people there.

It was a really cool experience, and it was cool hearing more about Turkey as well, which I didn’t know much about before. It was a really late church night though, so the girls were super exhausted afterwards. Addison was actually over-tired though, and was having a rough night, but she came to snuggle me on the couch with sister, and she calmed down. And then Jeff was able to get her to sleep pretty quickly, while I got Emmie to sleep.

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