Full Moon

Addison found her big sister’s old panda sweatshirt this morning, and was very excited to wear it. She kept telling everyone at school, “I a PANDA!”

And big sister was being silly this morning on her way to school too.

Went out to lunch at Olive Garden with my sister today, and this lunch-size ziti was delicious. And obviously the salad and bread sticks were delicious as always. I also ordered myself to a little cappuccino, and that was really yummy and a nice treat.

Addie’s hair was so fancy when I picked her up from school today!

Love driving down Live Oak Plantation Road right at dusk, and seeing the beautiful late afternoon sunlight streaming through the canopy of trees.

Nana had called me right as I was turning into daycare, to ask if we wanted to meet up with her for a quick dinner. So I picked up Addie, and Nana picked up Emmie, and Jeff met all of us at Culver’s for dinner. This baby weirdo took the top bun off of her cheeseburger and was eating it open-faced like this.

And this goofball loves a chicken sandwich slathered in ranch.

And of course they both needed some ice cream for dessert.

All of our hands were full with cups and leftovers and sweaters and such, so Daddy had the little ducks (which is what we call them sometimes, especially when they’re following us around, or we want them to follow us) hold on to his back pockets for the walk through the restaurant and out to the cars.It was really cute.

When we got home, Emerson and I spent another hour finishing up all of her makeup work from that week she had the flu. It was just a crazy amount of worksheets of math, English, and reading. Thankfully, her teacher gave us an extra week to work on it, and we did finally get it all completed.

And then for her reward for finishing all of her work, Daddy set up the brothers’ big giant telescope so we could go outside and look at the full moon. It was super bright and beautiful and it was fun seeing it through the telescope!

Jeff took this up-close picture with his super zoom phone camera, and it actually turned out so stinking cool!

The telescope adventure was followed by cuddles, Bluey, prayers and lullabies, and both girls were out like a light in about 10 minutes flat.

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