Japanese Magnolia

Can you handle how cute this little one is, in her pink dress and denim jacket!? Especially with her little sunglasses.

Addison was like, “There’s no pink sky yet, Mama!” And I said, “You’re right, but it’s still very pretty!”

I also loved Emerson’s little outfit this morning, with the skort and denim jacket, and the ponytail she did all on her own 🙂

I’m going to be trying to squeeze in some more overtime hours again this next week, starting today. So Jeff picked up the girls from school, and you can tell Addie was happy to see her Daddy!

And look at this absolutely gorgeous Japanese magnolia tree right outside my office building! We actually have one in our backyard, but it’s overgrown with other trees and vines, and has nowhere near this many blooms. These trees are a favorite of mine, and I love seeing this one every day.

Jeff got started on heating up some frozen pizzas for our dinner, so that by the time I got home, I was able to just flop down on the couch, because my brain was fried after work today, from some especially difficult cases I worked on.

The girls were going crazy dancing and playing and laughing to silly songs Jeff was playing after dinner, and we let them just really go to town, trying to get all the wiggles out.

Surprisingly, we don’t have any actual plans tomorrow, but we really need to do some chores and laundry and projects around the house. So that’s going to be our main focus for the day. Now, I need to make a grocery pickup list, and figure out what we’re going to eat for dinner next week… Anyone got some suggestions?

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