Axe Throwing

We were up at the crack of dawn like always today, and we did a very early grocery pick-up. We ate cereal for breakfast, and then just laid around for a bit. Emerson put on an old ballet leotard and danced around for a while. Then both girls disappeared, and then Addison came running out in one of sister’s old leotards too. And goodness they were so cute.

And then before I knew it, they had both climbed up on the counter in the middle of all the mess from the past week, and the groceries that had not yet been put away, and were digging in the cereal boxes eating giant handfuls.

About mid-morning, Jeff ran out to the Frother’s Daughter truck to get us both a cinnamon roll latte, which was so stinking delicious, and very much needed, since I felt like I could barely move off the couch most of the morning. I just wanted to lay around and be lazy.

The coffee was just what I needed to be able to make some lunch for the girls – just some of their favorite “noodle rice” (which is what Emmie calls those Knorr rice sides packets),with some snacks and fruits and veggies on the side. Random for sure, but they love these random meals, Emmie especially.

And I made myself some tomato toast with homemade garlic aioli, which I hadn’t had in a while, after my obsession last summer.

I got Emmie down for a nap after lunch, and Jeff and Addie fell asleep in the recliner together. I carried her to her room, and she slept for about an hour. But Emerson ended up sleeping for about 2.5 hours.

While the girls slept, Jeff drove to his mom’s house to borrow their carpet steam cleaner. I made myself a homemade cinnamon vanilla chai latte, and got busy washing up a giant load of dishes.

And look at this guy out there in his gardening boots, steam cleaning our dining room rug. Over the last few months, Pretzel had started losing some control on his bladder, and had been having more and more accidents, and typically it always happened on one corner of our dining room rug. So we unrolled the whole thing from inside, and took it out to the carport, so that for one thing, it wouldn’t saturate the hardwood floors underneath, and so that it could dry out in the sunshine afterwards.

And after the carpet cleaning, and after Emerson finally woke up from her nap, we went over to Nana and PopPop’s house to hang out and play (with this super fun plastic axe throwing set-up) and eat dinner.

Emmie wanted to help with the salad at dinner time.

We always love the pre-cooked take-and-bake meatloaf and mashed potatoes tray from Costco that Nana buys. It’s seriously delicious.

Sweet little girls sharing some popsicles together after dinner, with their wild, un-brushed hair.

The girls had a bath and then played and snuggled for a while, before it was eventually time to head home. The sleepiest little sister was conked out on the ride home, which we were not surprised about.

Bedtime went easy since it was late and both girls were exhausted. I was planning to do my nails again tonight, but I think maybe I’ll just go with chipped nails for one more day, and deal with it tomorrow night, since it’s already pretty late…

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