Bucket Hat

You guys. Today was silly hat day at daycare, and I cannot stand little miss Addison in this pink summery bucket hat. Jeff actually put together this whole outfit this morning, and good grief she’s so cute!

And there’s just something about this little straight-faced girlie that really gets me.

Emerson and her class were all supposed to wear red, green & white for school today, to represent Italy in their field day opening ceremonies.

I still have a friend that works at the Goodwill bookstore (she used to work at Growing Room, and is the bookstore manager now), and she always watches out for good stuff for me. I’m trying to thrift the whole Sarah J. Maas collection, so she sets them aside for me when she finds them. Went by to pick up this one today, so now I have 6 of the 16, and clearly lots more to find. They’re popular though, and hard to find, so if you ever see one, text me about it!

This morning before work, I did some crock pot chicken, with ranch seasoning & chicken taco seasoning & some sliced onions. Then tonight I made instant rice, warmed up corn & black beans, and even mixed up some homemade guac at the last minute. Then we put it all together as burrito bowls, and it was of course so yummy. (This was already planned for tonight, and so we ended up accidentally having very similar meals two nights in a row, with Moe’s last night and this tonight, but none of us minded that.)

After dinner, we spent 20 minutes doing chores in the living room and kitchen, because literally every room in our house is a cluttered mess, and we needed to get a head start before our typical weekend cleaning… Then we cuddled and watched an episode of Bluey and then made sure to get the girls in bed, since we’ve had a couple of late night’s this week. Both were very sleepy and ready for bed, so things were smooth and easy.

I think I mentioned recently that Jeff and I were working our way through some of the more recent Marvel movies, trying to get myself caught up. We completed the third Ant-Man the other night, so we’re starting up the next one in the list tonight, which I think is the third Guardians of the Galaxy.

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