Rose-Shaped Wontons

Please look at what a big girl my sweet 6-year-old is these days! It’s too much. She’s loving skorts lately, and I gotta say, they look great on her.

OK I wanted that top picture to be first in the post today, but let’s go backwards for a bit now, to see Emmie and Daddy in the car, and then silly little Addie who couldn’t take a “regular” picture…

For days now, I’d been craving a bahn mi sandwich. So I texted my friend Heather last night to see if she wanted to go out to lunch today. I wanted to go back to Paris Bahn Mi (where I’d been twice before), but starting today they’re closed for two months for renovations. So we went to Lemongrass, which neither of us had been to before. And it was so good! (But honestly, I still like the sandwich at Paris Bahn Mi best.) The wontons looked like cute little roses, and the crab rangoon were so warm and cheesy. I also ordered a Vietnamese iced coffee, and it was delicious.

I shared my February reads on my socials earlier today, so I’ll share them here too. This month was the least amount of books I’ve read in a long time… I was very slowing working my way through two very long (almost 1500 pages total), and very intense fantasy novels (one on Kindle and one on audio), that took me three weeks to get through. So that just didn’t leave time for much else. But, at least I’ve kept up my reading streak, every day for 60 days!

Jeff called me after work on my drive to get the girls, asking about dinner plans. I had actually planned to cook, but I didn’t feel like it, and he suggested we go out anyways. It didn’t take much to convince me to go out, and so we decided on Bento, which we figured everyone would enjoy.

This PaoPao chicken bowl was so delicious and I was very happy with my choice. I also signed up for their app on the way there, and so I immediately earned a free chicken fried rice, which we ordered for the girls to share. Addison absolutely loved it, and ate three heaping servings of it.

After just a few bites of the fried rice though, Emerson decided it was too spicy for her (which it honestly was not at all, I think she just didn’t like it but didn’t want to admit it), and didn’t want to eat anymore of it. She asked if she could have a pb&j at home instead. Jeff made a comment about her being Matilda, and we decided that like Matilda, Emmie could make her own dinner if she wanted a pb&j!

She actually LOVED that idea, and really wanted to do it. I told her she could, and she asked me like 10 times, “Can I really do it myself when we get home mommy”? And I was like “Yeah of course girl, I don’t wanna do it, of course I’ll let you!” She did pretty good on her own, but needed some help spreading the jelly.

We then watched Matilda for a little while (some of you may remember, she was totally obsessed with Matilda a couple years back, and we watched it nonstop for months on end), and snuggled up together before bedtime. As Emmie and I left the living room to head to her bed, this is how Addie climbed up to lay with Daddy.

Emerson was snoring lightly before her lullaby was even finished playing, and we just got Addison laid down in her bed too. So last night, I thought “Guardians of the Galaxy 3” was up next, but we have actually already seen that one, so we skipped it and went straight to “The Marvels,” which is why we’ve been watching all these MCU movies anyways, so I could get caught up for that one! So we started that one last night and watched about an hour before I started falling asleep on the couch; so now we have just about 30 minutes left to finish.

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