Launching Rockets & Painting Rocks

Today was the 3rd annual S.T.E.A.M. carnival at Gilchrist. So after breakfast at home, and some play time and lazy time, we got ready to head to school on a Saturday.

Right as we parked, we looked at the car pulling in right next to us, and saw it was Emerson’s bestie Daisy (who goes to school & church with her) and her mama (who I’m friends with and goes to our church), so we just spent the whole time with them and it worked out perfectly to be with friends. They had law enforcement trucks and experiments and activities and animals and food trucks, and it was a great time! And luckily, the weather held out and didn’t rain on us!

Absolutely loved her hair in these piggies today, since we had some extra time at home to get ready this morning.

(And here is the link when we went to the STEAM carnival last year too.)

We didn’t get home until after 2pm, and as you can imagine, we were all exhausted. So we all laid down to nap, I slept on the couch for about two hours, and everyone else slept for about 2.5-3 hours, and actually had to be woken up.

I was in no mood for cooking at that point either, so we ordered this feast from Solle’s Pizza for dinner. It was soooo good. We got a medium 3-topping with ham, pepperoni and extra cheese, a small white top, garlic cheese bread, and a small antipasto salad for me because I was dying to try this very popular menu item. And yeah, everything was amazing.

This was the “dessert” tray Emerson made for me after I finished my dinner.

We gave the girls a slightly late-night bath around 8pm, and then got them dressed in matching puppy T-shirts for bedtime. The shirt Emmie is wearing used to be her big cousin Andie’s, and Addie is wearing Emmie’s hand-me-down, which addie thought was so cool when I told her. Emmie and Andie got these matching shirts back on our Pullen family beach vacay in 2021, when Addie was just under 2 months old. Crazy how time flies!

Since they had such a long, late nap, they were still pretty wired at bedtime. It took a lot of rocking of Addison with Daddy before she would let him lay her down. And I’m actually writing this from my phone in the dark living room, while Emerson is cuddled up next to me, finally falling asleep, at 10pm…

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