Carport Icecream

Today was an early day at church, and all of us were there bright and early at 8am. But the girls did great, and we had an amazing worship service. The Spirit was really moving, and we ended up just singing for the whole two-hour service, with some prayer time from the Pastor scattered in, and it was amazing. But it was also exhausting…

So after church, we picked up our weekly Walmart grocery order, and then we picked up a family fill-up box from the KFC drive-thru, and went home to put away the cold groceries and eat lunch. Then we all laid down for a nice afternoon nap.

The girls didn’t sleep for as long as I would have liked, which meant I didn’t sleep as long as I would have liked either. But it was a beautiful day, and I had bought them mini strawberry ice cream cones, so we went outside for the girls to eat ice cream (I was drinking a nice cup of coffee) and play in the carport for a while. (And yes, our dining room rug is still on the carport floor, because I’m not bringing it in until it doesn’t smell like pet urine anymore…)

I forced us to go inside after about an hour, so we could then spend about an hour doing some chores. We cleaned the living room, and vacuumed the living room, and washed dishes, and put away the rest of the groceries, and tidied up the dining room and dining room table. Things are still pretty lived-in-looking (I mean, that’s pretty much how our house always looks), but it’s much better than it was before.

Nana stopped by to bring some new clothes for the girls that she scavenged on clearance this weekend, and she stayed for about an hour while the girls tried on clothes, and we ate some leftovers for dinner. Then Emmie needed to read her school book for me before bedtime, so she could take her A.R. test on it tomorrow.

We made sure to get the girls down for bedtime at their normal time, after such a late night last night, an early morning today, followed by a short nap this afternoon. They were pretty tired though, so it wasn’t too difficult. Jeff is already asleep now too, at 9pm, so I’m starting up a brand new puzzle, and a brand new season of Survivor!

Now, I’ve previously said I don’t think I can do 1,000-piece puzzles, but I’m hoping I can handle this fun Florida-themed one that my Mama gave me for my birthday. Strangely, these ones with all the tiny crazy details are sometimes easier, since you can gather all the ones for each tiny portion, like all the black & white ones for the Magic Kingdom castle, etc… So we’ll see… Since I’m watching the new season of Survivor as it airs each week, instead of binging a whole season at once, so maybe it’ll take me just as long to finish this puzzle, as it does for a whole new season of Survivor to air each week 🤣

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