Spring Skirts

My 4:30pm coffee yesterday afternoon had me staying up way too late last night. So I set up the coffee pot for today, and also set out all the non-refrigerated items for today’s crock-pot meal. So this morning, I just had to hit the button on the coffee pot, and grab a few items to get dinner started. I was proud of myself for setting things up for an easy morning. I even got out of the house early, and made it to work early!

And look at how precious these little girls are in their new skirts from Nana. I love these new outfits, and their little legs making an appearance now that spring is finally starting!

On the way to school, Addison got a hold of her school backpack, dumped the whole thing out, and then tucked herself in under her little blankie.

We were happy to see our trippies back at school today, after their big trip to Disney World for their 5th birthday this past weekend!

Pictures of nature week activities from daycare.

This is the face of a girl very excited to see her Daddy picking her up after school.

Addie’s teachers made this cool little nature experience, that I think is supposed to be like a jungle or a rain forest or something. You can see her and her friends playing in it in some of the pictures the school sent us up above, and it looks like the sisters had to check it out together at pick-up time.

And then apparently they had to make a stop at AutoZone on the way home, and they found some random Spiderman things to checkout while Daddy found the car stuff he needed.

This crock pot pineapple pork turned out soooo good. I saw it on TikTok the other night, and with just four ingredients, I knew it would be super easy and immediately added it to the meal plan. It’s just soy sauce, brown sugar, pineapple (juice & the fruit) and garlic. And you know I had to add some sliced onions, because I add onions in literally everything because they’re my favorite.

Emerson was raving over this, and kept saying, “I LOVE dinner Mommy. Can you make this again really soon? The meat is kinda sweet.” I had forgotten to take a picture before I ate my broccoli, so Emmie said I could take a picture of her plate. And then Addie wanted me to take a picture of her plate too.

So Emmie was actually supposed to go to gymnastics tonight, but I just happened to see an email from the gym this morning saying they were closed for two weeks. But we didn’t know that, she that’s why we already had the crock pot meal set up for tonight. And she had already put her leotard in her backpack and changed in after school care. So she still wore her leotard all night and did some gymnastics out on the dining room carpet in the carport while I washed up the dishes from dinner, and put away all the leftovers.

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