Burrito Babes

Today was wacky Wednesday at daycare, so we just went with a Christmas shirt and some slightly mismatched pants with her typical Crocs for Addie Pie.

And Emmie and Daddy just took some wacky pictures in the car drop-off line before school today.

I got a call from the Gilchrist clinic this afternoon around 3:45, saying Emerson had tripped and fallen on the playground, and bonked her hair on some of the equipment. She really just have a bit of a goose-egg on her noggin, but she was still sad and wanted to be picked up, so Jeff picked her up a little early, and then they went to pick up baby sister together.

And since he had picked them up early, we had a little bit of extra time before church tonight. I had gotten a notification from my Moe’s app for $5.99 burritos after 5pm, so we took advantage of our extra time and got burritos for all four of us!

These baby girls went to town on their kids’ sized burritos, and totally and completely finished every single bite. I was so proud of them for eating so well! These little burrito babes had such a great dinner, and then followed it up with a chocolate chip cookie from their kids meal.



I actually still had to eat really quickly, so I could get to worship team rehearsal on time. So then Jeff brought the girls a little later, and we had a good night at church for prayer time (with a quick scripture study and discussion about how important our community is) and Emmie went to GC Girls.

Both girls were super sleepy after church, and so they went to bed right away. I know Grandmommie is already praying for us to have a good morning tomorrow after our late night, and that’s what I’ll be praying for tonight as well!

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