Jean Jackets

Emerson is obsessed with this little skort right now, so she’s worn it 3 out of the last 5 days, and why not ya know!?

Together, these two are just the cutest and I can’t stand it. I also really love them in their matching jean jackets.

We saw Aunt Meggie at dropoff today, and Addie was telling her all about her outfit and just showing off.

Had this easy little frozen meal for lunch today, and it was super good. I just wished it was a little bigger, but the flavor (and even the quality of the chicken) was great.

Then for dinner, I made Asian chicken lettuce wraps for the first time in a long while. I also made a little homemade Sriracha mayo to¬† add on top, and this was probably the best I’ve ever made this meal. So good!

Jeff ran out to Walmart for diapers tonight, because we accidentally let ourselves run out completely. So the girls and I ate some gummy bears together (that I got in my goodie bag from the hair salon last night actually), and watched “Coco” on Disney+.

When Jeff got back home, we did bedtime for the little girlies. He has actually done all sorts of little chores tonight (did another steam clean round on the rug still out in the carport, two loads of laundry, and fixed one of our outdoor security cameras) so he’s worn himself out! So he’ll probably fall asleep early tonight, and I’ll paint my nails and watch something on Netflix.

I’ve actually been watching the movie remake of “Cats” on Netflix, and y’all, it’s so weird. I love musicals and broadway shows, (Hairspray, tick, tick Boom, Mama Mia, Rent, Les Mis!! etc…) but I just don’t get this one…? I’ve been fast-forwarding and skipping ahead, and there’s still 30 minutes left, so I might just be done with this and pick something new.

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