Sister Salon Night

Loved my little girls in their matching crayon dresses for school this morning. Addison was looking for birdies.

Such a pretty girl!

Nana picked up Emerson from school today, to take her to gymnastics. She actually forgot to pack her leotard this morning, so Nana graciously bought her a new one from the gym when they got there, and it’s so stinking adorable! Love this new leotard on her, and the fun colors and pattern.

Jeff picked up Addison and got her a Happy Meal, and then they went on a little trip to Publix to pick up some random BOGO groceries.

Meanwhile, Megan and I met up at Starbucks for a light dinner and a decaf pistachio latte (for me) and a caramel macchiatto (for her). We both got the ham & cheese baguette, and it was so good. I’m a sauce/condiments girl though, and wanted some sweet or spicy mustard on it though too.

Then after our Starbucks dinner (which I actually got for “free” because I had a gift card from a coworker), Megan and I went to her usual hair salon Luna Salon, for a special a Galentine’s event. (It was supposed to be two weeks ago, but was rescheduled when a few stylist’s all got sick.) They did a special hair shampoo, scalp massage and hair treatment. Then a blowout and styling lessons. They also had a nice charcuterie table laid out with some snacks. It was such a luxurious night of feeling pampered, and I loved every minute of it! And the nicest part was, that Bo paid to send both Megan and I together, so we could have ourselves a little sister night at the salon, and it was all just so lovely!

And my hair turned out absolutely beautiful! I actually have never had a professional blowout before, and haven’t even been to a salon in ages (since Meg just always trims my hair for me), and then to have it professionally curled as well!? It was so nice, and it looked so pretty and shiny and smooth! And it smells so good too!

It was a special sister salon night, and I loved it. I was glad to see my little girls when I got home though for just a few minutes before their bedtime, and get some hugs and loves from them.

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