Music Box

Oh I just love a sleepy morning baby nugget.

She was point at her socks, saying “bear,” because they have little bear faces on them.

Ms. Q was out sick from school today, but luckily Miss Kayla was there. It was also “wear green” day, and this cute little green dress was perfect.

Today was “take your kids to work day,” but Emerson is unfortunately a bit too small for that yet. My boss’s daughter Kendall came to the office today though, so we took her out for a fancy work lunch at Masa. Which was delicious of course. And they have some of the biggest, most gorgeous live oak trees in their parking lot!

Look at my adorable nieces today! Left to right – Kensley, Riley, and Ellie. They will be seven weeks old tomorrow, and I don’t know how time is moving so fast!

Ok, and who else is totally pumped and intrigued by all of Taylor Swift’s posts these last few weeks! Tonight at midnight is finally the time, and I’m so excited! Also, I taught Emerson to say Taylor Swift tonight, so I think that’s a big accomplishment.

After work, Emmie found my “Sound of Music” music box, and was fascinated. She carried it around the house for a while, and loved for me to twist the knob to make it play.

And them she found the bag of chips we left on the coffee table last night, from our TV-watching snack of chips and salsa. So of course she needed a little appetizer before dinner.

And I need some plant help y’all. I really wanted so badly to take care of this little pilea, but she’s not doing so well! Some of the tips have turned brown, some of the stems/leaves have fallen off completely, and I’m just not sure what to do. It’s in a pretty sunny spot by the window, where my other plant has done really well, and I water it once a week like the info it came with told me. So, I just don’t know. (Also, please see the tiny baby toes following me around. ❤️)

We had beef tips and rice and fresh steamed green beans for dinner, which is a family favorite. Emmie eats this meal so we’ll, and is one of the few “meats” she just really goes to town on. (Plus chicken, in the form of nuggets or strips.)

She was cracking me up with her feet propped up on the table like this tonight!

After dinner, we loaded up in the car to go check on those stray cats from last week, that are at the very end of our dead end road. Emmie loved riding in my lap and thought it was all so funny.

And after looking for a bit, and all three of us making “meow” sounds, the white kitty came out of hiding! We fed it some of Pretzel’s dog food, and gave it some water. And Jeff is going to call the Humane Society tomorrow. (He called someone with the City last week & left a message, but no one called him back, and the cat it still there.) It’s just so pretty, someone might want to take it home!

Emmie was so sweet, and so good, and she quietly sat on the curb watching, without trying to bother or pet the kitty. I was so proud of her!

We did a quick bath time at home, and then got ready for bed. She has started wanting lotion for her hands lately (after Grammy and Grandmommie started giving her some from their purses 😁), so she puts it on most nights before bedtime. Then after rubbing it in, she takes a big huge sniff! Tonight, she sweetly held her hand up to me to smell, and I almost melted looking into these big blue eyes! Also, I figure she can keep wearing these Christmas jammies, as long as they still fit her!

I did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, but decided to skip the yardwork tonight, because I have a sinus headache. I didn’t think being in the out doors in the pollen would help that. Plus, I need Jeff’s help for the next part of the work, so we’ll probably wait until Saturday to tackle that. For now, I’m gonna take a Zyrtec, and head to bed!

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